Ahren Elessedil is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and High Druid of Shannara trilogies. He was a Prince of the Elves who joined the Druid Walker Boh on his journey to Parkasia. After the quest was over, Ahren joined Grianne Ohmsford in founding the Third Druid Order.


Ahren was the youngest son of the assassinated Elf King Allardon Elessedil. At the insistence of his older brother, the newly crowned King Kylen, Ahren was sent along on Walker Boh's expedition as a representative of the Elessedil family. However, he was really sent to prevent him from taking the throne from Kylen's children in the event of Kylen's death, as it was believed that Ahren would die on the journey. On the journey, Ahren trained with his longtime mentor, Ard Patrinell, and befriended Bek Ohmsford. Bek gave the young Elf Prince the Phoenix Stone in an act of friendship.

Upon arriving in Parkasia, Ahren was left with only the company of the young seer Ryer Ord Star. Together, with the magical aid of the Phoenix Stone, the two managed to free Walker from Antrax and recover the lost Elfstones belonging to Ahren's family. However, upon their escape from the catacombs of Antrax's lair, they were captured by Mwellrets who served the Morgawr. Ahren, who had begun to feel close to Ryer, was shocked by her seeming alliance with the warlock. He was shocked further when Ryer saved his life by prophesying that he would become King of the Elves someday and then helped him to escape The Black Moclips, resulting in her death. During his time in Parkasia, Ahren changed from the boy he had been to a man. He proved a valuable ally, even killing the Mwellret Cree Bega. Upon returning, he surrendered the Elfstones to his brother, then left for Paranor.

For some years after that, Ahren lived and studied at Paranor as a Druid, becoming a powerful ally to Grianne Ohmsford. However, after ending his relationship with a female Elf Druid, Iridia Eleri, he departed from Paranor's intrigues and lived as a hermit in a Westland village called Emberen. However, he was found by his niece Khyber, who wanted to become a Druid. Reluctantly, he trained her in the use of magic.

Ahren joined forces with Grianne's servant Tagwen, Khyber, and Pen Ohmsford in their efforts to save Grianne from the Forbidding. He proved invaluable against the evil pursuing Druids, using his considerable magic to counter their own. However, he was no match for Terek Molt, and sacrificed himself to destroy the Dwarf Druid. It is unknown whether or not Ahren might have replaced Walker as the Druid spirit to rise from the Hadeshorn, though it is unlikely since all previous occupants have willingly surrendered themselves to the spirit of the lake which Ahren does not.

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