* This article is about the character mentioned in Ilse Witch. For the character mentioned in The Elfstones of Shannara, see Aine Elessedil.

Aine Elessedil is a deceased character mentioned in Ilse Witch. She was Queen of the Elves and the great-granddaughter of the legendary Wren Elessedil. She was the mother of Kael and Allardon Elessedil.


When Walker Boh, the last of the Druids, approached the Races in the hopes of getting their approval for and assistance in establishing a new Druid Council, he was stymied at every turn, including by the Elves, whom he had been counting on to lead the way. Queen Aine refused to send Elves to Paranor or approve a new Druid Council.

After Queen Aine's seer had dreamed about a powerful magic, her son and heir Kael mounted an expedition to go across the Blue Divide and seek it out, taking the Elfstones with him.

However the expedition failed badly and Kael and the Elfstones went missing, presumably lost at sea. The Queen spent the last five years of her life in mourning, slowly wasting away as one rescue effort after another failed and all were finally abandoned.


Upon Aine's death, Allardon succeeded her in Kael's stead. Walker again approached the Elves in the early years of Allardon's reign, hoping that the King and his people could assist him in establishing a new Druid Council, but Allardon refused, in accordance with his mother's wishes.

However, twenty-three years later, the Wing Rider Hunter Predd found and returned a broken and nearly dead Kael to the Four Lands, along with a cryptic map that had been found on Kael's person. This led Allardon and Walker to strike an agreement: Walker would mount an expedition following the route described on Kael's map, and in return Allardon would give the Elves' support for an independent Druid Council.

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