Airships are a form of travel that emerged in the Four Lands during the time of the Druid Walker Boh. They are powered by diapson crystal technology and were instrumental to Walker Boh's expedition to the far-off land mass of Parkasia.

The advent of airships profoundly changed forever the nature of travel and commerce in the Four Lands. They soon became the specialty of Rovers, who were already nomadic people by nature.

Some time after the Rover Redden Alt Mer taught Bek Ohmsford about the vessels, Bek and his wife Rue Meridian started a transport business using airships. Centuries later, the House of Shannara is still in the airship business: Railing Ohmsford's great-grandson Paxon Leah was running his family's freighter business when he was recruited by Aphenglow Elessedil to become the Blade of the Ard Rhys.

Airships are often named after famous people or places.

Alphabetical List of AirshipsEdit

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