Alleyne Elessedil is a minor character mentioned in The Elf Queen of Shannara. She was a Princess of the Elves and daughter to the Queen, Ellenroh Elessedil. She was also the mother of Queen Wren Elessedil, but was never Queen herself, as she died long before Ellenroh passed away.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known of Alleyne's early life, except that as a Princess of the Elessedil family she would have been raised in Arborlon, and that as an Elessedil born after Ellenroh's generation she was also a member of the Ohmsford/Shannara bloodline. Her younger cousin Gavilan always thought of her as a big sister. As an Elf born and raised in the time of Ellenroh, Morrowindl was her home.

Alleyne was headstrong and independent, and she married a Wing Rider despite the fact that the Elves of Arborlon at that time had had little to do with Sky Elves in general.

Eowen's ProphecyEdit

Year by year the demons of Morrowindl continued to gain in strength and number on the island, and when Alleyne became pregnant, Eowen Cerise, the trusted seer and childhood friend of Ellenroh, prophesied that both Alleyne and the baby would die if they did not leave Arborlon and Morrowindl before the baby was born. She further foresaw that Alleyne could never return to Arborlon, but that if the baby survived she would one day come back to save the Elves.

Because Eowen's visions had never been wrong, Ellenroh immediately told Alleyne of the prophecy, and despite not wishing to be parted from her family and her home Alleyne left Morrowindl with her Wing Rider husband, giving birth to her daughter Wren in the Four Lands. Before Alleyne left Morrowindl, Ellenroh gave her the Elfstones for protection, but only after using a little magic to disguise them as ordinary rocks painted blue.

A few years after Wren's birth, arrangements were made to leave her in the care of Rovers. Knowing from the prophecy that Wren would one day return to Arborlon and knowing the dangers that existed on Morrowindl, Alleyne wanted to make sure Wren was raised and trained by someone who would teach her to be strong and to withstand and survive any threat. She was also determined to return to Arborlon with her husband in spite of the prophecy, and she did not want to risk Wren's life in the attempt.

Before their attempted return to Arborlon, Alleyne and her husband sought out the Rovers, as they were the most tough and hardy people in the Westland, to seek out someone who could train their daughter the way they wanted. They were directed to Garth, a tracker and survivalist renowned for his skills.

The two Elves made an agreement with Garth that Wren would be raised as Wren Ohmsford. She was to spend her first five years in Shady Vale, raised by her distant cousins in the Ohmsford family. After that she was to be taken to the Rovers and to be given to Garth to be raised and trained. She was to be told nothing of her past life except that she was the child of a Rover and of an Ohmsford, and that she must always keep close with her the bag of painted blue rocks she was given by her parents.

After the arrangements were made, Alleyne and her husband then attempted to fly back to Arborlon. By that point, Morrowindl was swarming with demons and the couple's Roc was taken down by a missile as they approached Arborlon. The pair were killed just short of the city gates. Later, Eowen would reveal to Wren that she knew Alleyne would attempt a return and that it would fail. She never told Ellenroh about this part of her vision, though she suspected Ellenroh knew.

Almost twenty years after Alleyne's death, Wren and Garth find Arborlon and are brought into the city by Aurin Striate. Ellenroh is overjoyed that her granddaughter has returned, and she tells Wren all about her mother, and the fact that the Elessedils are now also Ohmsfords.

Shortly after Wren arrives in Arborlon, the demons attack the city and a serious breach in the Keel, the magical wall protecting the city, is created. A battle begins, and many soldiers start getting killed, including Phaeton, the second-in-command of the Elven army. Ellenroh arrives with the Loden and the Ruhk Staff and uses the magic to knit the Keel back together.

Together, Wren's arrival in accordance with Eowen's prophecy and Ellenroh's use of the Loden for the first time since the magical fortification of the Keel by her father give the Queen the opportunity she has been waiting for to convince the Elven High Council that the Elves must leave Morrowindl and return to the Westland by way of the Loden.


Garth remained faithful to the charge given to him by Alleyne, and he raised Wren to be a tough and skilled fighter, tracker, and survivalist. Thanks to the foresight of the Elven princess, she ensured that her daughter was raised with all the skills she needed to make her way to Morrowindl and successfully overcome the island's dangers, and that she had the Elfstones to help her as well. Although neither Ellenroh or Garth survived to escape from the island, Wren managed to bring the Loden and the Elves back into the Four Lands, restoring an entire lost Race of people to their homeland. Wren became Queen of the Elves, leading the Elven people in battle as they resisted attack after attack by both the Federation and the Shadowen, and she went down in history as one of the Elves' greatest rulers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alleyne is described as looking just like Wren, with the same curly, ash blonde hair, hazel eyes, and headstrong personality. The close resemblance is the first thing Ellenroh mentions when she meets Wren for the first time.

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