Ard Patrinell is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy. He was Captain of the Home Guard during the reign of Allardon Elessedil, but he was disgraced and stripped of his position when Allardon was killed by friendly fire in the Gardens of Life.


Ard Patrinell trained Allardon's son Ahren Elessedil in combat and battle tactics. Because of his bond with Ahren, he was not trusted by Allardon's other son Kylen, the heir to the throne.

When Allardon was murdered, the newly-crowned King Kylen saw his opportunity to rid himself of Ard Patrinell. He stripped Ard of his captaincy and made sure that both Ard and Ahren were selected to accompany the Druid Walker Boh on a dangerous expedition to Parkasia to discover powerful magic.

The Tracker Tamis, who also went on the expedition, was in love with Ard, but he never found out. Before Tamis could confess her love Ard was captured by Antrax when Walker's party made its first attempt to breach Castledown. Antrax killed Ard Patrinell and used his parts to turn him into a wronk, a kind of cyborg puppet unable to do anything but Antrax's will.

Antrax made the wronk pursue and attack Walker's party. Quentin Leah, who had become Ard's friend, realized that the wronk was attacking them not because he wanted to, but because he had been rebuilt to carry out Antrax's wishes. Quentin said that the wronk wasn't Ard Patrinell anymore, but that Antrax had stolen something of who Ard was and was keeping it trapped inside the wronk.

Ard Patrinell was freed from his torment when the wronk was killed by Tamis, but not before wronk mortally wounded her as well. Quentin Leah buried the pair in the pit they died in, covering them with stones. The Highlander was deeply affected by their tragic deaths, and from that point on lost his taste for adventure and for Walker Boh's expedition.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ard Patrinell is described as a tall, powerfully built Elf of indeterminate age, with close-cropped gray hair and pale blue eyes. Scars ran all over his face and muscular body, white and pink against his sun-browned skin. His power was evident in even his smallest movements, and he carried himself in a way that suggested that he was never unprepared to react swiftly. His expression was calm and confident, the face of someone who had endured a great deal of hardship and understood the value of patience and control.

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