* This article is about the character from the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. For the character from The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, see Arlingfant Elessedil.

Arling Elessedil is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. She became Queen of the Elves after the death of her husband, Kellen Elessedil. King Kellen died with their two sons, Kiris and Wencling.


Early Life

Before Kellen, Arling was in a relationship with his cousin, Pied Sanderling. However, she had higher ambitions, and she instead married Kellen, the future King and a cousin to Pied. She was responsible for Pied's ascension to Captain of the Home Guard, and she often depended on Pied to stop or at least blunt the effects of Kellen's impulsive and poor decision making.

War Against the Federation

Unfortunately, while on the battlefront Pied gets dismissed from the Home Guard by Kellen after he openly challenges him and tells him not to attack the Federation airfleet. Kellen refuses to listen, and he and his two sons and most of the Elven airfleet are easily destroyed by the Federation's new diapson crystal weapon when they launch their attack. Although Pied pursued the King's airship in a craft of his own, he was too late to save them.

Pied manages to rally the shocked and demoralized Elves and launch a successful counterattack on the ground. The Elves are overjoyed, but the widowed Arling, now Queen of the Elves, arrives at the battle front, blaming him for the death of her sons, and for not being subtle enough in his dealings with Kellen to avoid being dismissed by the King from his duties to the Elessedil family.

Arling orders to Pied that he never show his face in Arborlon again if he survives his next assignment, which is to destroy the Federation's other diapson crystal weapon. He and the Elven tracker Troon destroy the weapon and escape, but they are severely injured and found by an innkeeper who hides them away. Pied and Troon, who has declared her love for Pied, recuperate and begin a new life together away from Arborlon.


Resentful of the Druids for their support of the Federation and Prime Minister Sen Dunsidan during the Druids' brief time under Shadea a'Ru's leadership, Queen Arling cuts off all ties between the Elves and Druids. Over a century later, Elves like Aphenglow Elessedil who are are Druids themselves are seen as dangerous outcasts.

In Straken it is mentioned that Queen Arling would likely be succeeded by her and Kellen's daughter, as all male heirs were killed. However, in Wards of Faerie, a retroactive continuity was established where Arling was said to have been succeeded by a son named Emperowen. Emperowen also has a brother named Ellich Elessedil, which means that Arling had two more Elessedil sons besides Kiris and Wencling.

Physical Appearance

Arling is blonde and beautiful, with pale amber skin. Her son Wencling is said to be small and fair, taking after her.