* This article is about the character from The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. For the character from the High Druid of Shannara trilogy, see Arling Elessedil.

Arlingfant Elessedil, or Arling Elessedil for short, is a character in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. She is a member of the Chosen, the younger sister of Aphenglow Elessedil, and the granddaughter of the Elven King, Emperowen Elessedil.


When the Ellcrys names Arling as her successor and tells her about the urgency of the situation, Arling is distraught and frightened by the prospect of becoming the magical tree. After her sister Aphen returns from Paranor, Arling chooses to take up the charge of the Ellcrys and seek out the Bloodfire after receiving the seed from the Ellcrys, but she still refuses to become the new Ellcrys, convinced that there may be another way to restore the tree and maintain the Forbidding.

Along with Aphen and a bodyguard named Cymrian, Arling leaves Arborlon. They were near the Wilderun when the Federation, operating under the orders of the Prime Minister and sorceress Edinja Orle, attacked their airship.

Arling was the most injured by the airship's crash and she was knocked unconscious, allowing her to be hidden away in the woods as Aphen and Cymrian fought off the Federation soldiers and the creatures that were hunting them. While unconscious, she was found by an old, poor couple who stole the Ellcrys seed from her and sold her to the Federation. She was taken to Edinja Orle who kept her in her tower in the Southland city of Arishaig, where Aphenglow and Cymrian went in search of her.

Aphen and Cymrian arrive in the city just before the Demons break out of the Forbidding and invade. Arling endures being drugged by Edinja into telling her the truth and seeing the horrors of the sorceress's experimentations on men in the depths of her tower before managing to escape and find Aphen and Cymrian. However, they are confronted by Edinja, who had allowed Arling to escape in order to be able to speak to both sisters. Edinja articulates that despite her other aims, she recognizes the importance of restoring the Ellcrys, and she offers the trio air transport to get out of Arishaig and away from the Demons.

Arling, Aphen, and Cymrian successfully recover the Ellcrys seed from the old couple who had sold Arling to the Federation and find the Bloodfire in Safehold. At this point, Arling has realized the importance of their quest and the overwhelming need for her to save the world. Although she is still frightened, she realizes she has the power to save countless lives, and she begins to embrace her destiny.

Edinja, who had been tracking the trio, finds them in Safehold and takes Arling hostage after Arling has immersed the seed in the Bloodfire. Edinja's aim is to bring Arling back to Arborlon herself and reap the praise and glory associated with helping to save the world from Demons.

A battle ensues and the trio manages to kill Edinja's moor cat and the sorceress herself, but Cymrian is mortally wounded by Edinja and passes away. The sisters flee the Wilderun in Edinja's flier.

Arling and Aphen arrive in Arborlon just as the battle is beginning between the Elves and the Demons at the mouth of the Valley of Rhenn. Just after Grianne Ohmsford kills Tael Riverine and makes herself Queen of the Forbidding, Arling transforms into the new Ellcrys, banishing all the Demons, including their new Queen.

Aphen is deeply hit by the loss of her sister and considers staying in Arborlon and giving up the Druid life, but she is reminded by her fellow Druid Seersha to be her true self and to live her life doing what is authentic to her, as Arling would have wanted. Aphen returns to Paranor with Seersha and Oriantha, succeeding Khyber Elessedil as the Ard Rhys of the fourth Druid Order.