An Asphinx is a type of magical serpent that, after biting its victim, turns to stone and also turns its victim to stone by way of its venom.


Druid of ShannaraEdit

Asphinxes were thought to have been banished into the Forbidding until Uhl Belk, the Stone King, left one in Hall of Kings inside the Black Elfstone's hiding place, as a trap that would kill anyone who tried to pursue him in order to reclaim the Elfstone.

While searching for the Black Elfstone, Walker Boh was bitten in the arm by the Asphinx and he only managed to make it out of the Hall of Kings by breaking the stone portion of his arm free from the rest of the stone it had become a part of. Medicines and medical care at Storlock seemed to only slow the Asphinx's poison, and Walker's attempts to drive out the poison using his own magic were unsuccessful. He was only cured when Quickening, daughter of the King of the Silver River, healed him.


Inside the Forbidding, Weka Dart and Grianne Ohmsford nearly ran into a huge nest of Asphinx. The creatures pursuing the two of them ran through the nest and were bitten many times.

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