Axhind is a minor character in The Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. He is the Maturen of an army of Trolls who wishes to side with the Free-born Resistance during the war against the Shadowen.


Axhind and several of his advisors came to the Free-born headquarters at the Jut in Parma Key, where they helped the Free-born battle a Creeper.

Later, Axhind's forces and the Free-born joined Wren Elessedil and her army of Elves as they battled the Federation in the Valley of Rhenn. Just as the Elven army was about to be overwhelmed by the Federation, the Free-born fighters appeared out of the east along with Axhind's Rock Trolls. The Elves were led by Triss and Barsimmon Oridio, the Free-born by Padishar Creel and Chandos, and the Trolls by Axhind, with Wren as commander of the united forces. Under their combined might, the Federation army was defeated.

Soon after, however, the Federation army had regrouped and was preparing to attack again. But ultimately, the destruction of the Shadowen by Par and Coll Ohmsford forced the Federation to retreat, resulting in a permanent victory for the Elves and their allies.

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