Balinor Buckhannah is a character in The Sword of Shannara. He was the brother of Palance Buckhannah and son of Ruhl Buckhannah, and he was the prince and later king of the Callahorn Borderlands. Balinor normally wears a green forest cloak as well as a suit of durable chain-mail armor underneath.


Balinor's first appearance in The Sword of Shannara was when he came to Shady Vale after Allanon left to warn Flick and Shea Ohmsford of the impending danger of the Skull Bearers.

Balinor had left his home of Tyrsis after having a fight with his crazed brother Palance. Balinor, in his second duty as the commander of the Border Legion, had protected the Callahorn until his departure—but once he left, Palance disbanded the Legion and instead created a new body of soldiers loyal only to him and Stenmin, his advisor. However, Palance was murdered later by Stenmin after Balinor had revealed Stenmin's treachery towards his brother. Balinor believed that it was not his brother's doing for his actions, but that the evil Stenmin that had poisoned his mind.

Palance’s death, combined with Ruhl's, made Balinor the King of Callahorn, and he was able to reactivate the Border Legion in time to prepare the city for the Warlock Lord's assault. Balinor remained King of Callahorn until his death and was considered to be the greatest king the Borderlands ever had.

According to The World of Shannara, over thirty years after becoming king, Balinor set out on a quest to find his son, who had gone missing while on a mission with the Border Legion. Balinor returned to Tyrsis sometime later with his son dead and himself dying from wounds inflicted by an unknown enemy. He died a few days after his return, resulting in the end of the Buckhannah line.