Barsimmon Oridio is a minor character in The Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. He is the Commander of the Elven army during the reigns of Queens Ellenroh and Wren Elessedil.


Journey Out of MorrowindlEdit

Shortly after Wren arrives in Arborlon during her quest to find the Elves and bring them back to the Four Lands, Morrowindl's demons attack the city and create a serious breach in the Keel, the magical wall surrounding the city. A battle begins, and many soldiers start getting killed, including Phaeton, the second-in-command of the Elven army. Ellenroh arrives with the Loden and the Ruhk Staff and uses the magic to knit the Keel back together.

Together, Wren's arrival in accordance with Eowen Cerise's prophecy and Ellenroh's use of the Loden for the first time since the magical fortification of the Keel by her father give the Queen the opportunity she has been waiting for to convince the High Council that the Elves must leave Morrowindl and return to the Westland by way of the Loden. Her nephew Gavilan Elessedil, Commander Barsimmon Oridio, and First Minister Eton Shart are initially skeptical of the plan, with Oridio expressing the most resistance. Like Gavilan, Oridio believes that the demons can be overcome through military action and that enclosing the Elven nation in the Loden and attempting to transport it out of Morrowindl is too much of a risk.

However, Ellenroh points out that the Elven army, unlike the demons, can't replenish its ranks so quickly. She eventually manages to convince her entire High Council into supporting the plan. Barsimmon Oridio and Eton Shart are tasked with staying inside Arborlon to lead the city during its time enclosed in the Loden, while Wren, Ellenroh, and seven others are tasked with transporting the Elves out of Morrowindl.

By the time Wren restores Arborlon to its rightful place in the Westland, she and Triss, the Captain of the Home Guard, are the only surviving members of the journey out of Arborlon. Oridio and Shart greet them at the entrance to the city, where Wren drains the Loden of its remaining magic and declares that the Elves will never leave their homeland again.

Triss steps forward and leads the Elven nation in a salute to Wren, their new Queen. Oridio and Shart hesitate, but ultimately kneel with everyone else.

War Against the ShadowenEdit

With the Elves now back in the Four Lands, they become a prime target for elimination by the Federation and the Shadowen. Wren and the Elves are soon embroiled in an all-out war with the Federation, who are augmented by the presence of Shadowen in their ranks, as well as by their control over Creepers. Although Oridio and to a lesser extent Shart are both initially skeptical of Wren as a successor to Ellenroh and question her judgment, particularly on the battlefield, their respect for her increases steadily as she leads the Elves to multiple victories while handling setbacks with resilience. By the time the Free-born resistance movement and Trolls from the Northland send reinforcements and help the Elves defeat the Federation, Wren has Oridio and Shart's full support.

Although the Federation army does regroup later and prepares to attack again, the destruction of the Shadowen by Par and Coll Ohmsford forces them to retreat, resulting in a permanent victory for the Elves and their allies.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Barsimmon Oridio is described as old and heavyset, with graying hair and beard and slow, ponderous movements that suggest he is not a man to let things stand in his way. He is a big man with a fierce scowl. His movement and demeanor puts him in contrast to Shart, who has light, easy movements and smiles more readily.

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