Bearers of the Black Staff is a fantasy novel by Terry Brooks released on August 24, 2010 as the first book of a duology called the Legends of Shannara. In the series' timeline, it falls between the Genesis of Shannara trilogy and the First King of Shannara.[1][2] It takes place 500 years after the events of the final Genesis of Shannara book, The Gypsy Morph.[3] The descendents of the people who were led to sanctuary by Hawk will be forced to deal with the dangerous world outside of the sanctuary when the protective magical mists vanish.

It was followed up with a sequel in 2011 called The Measure of the Magic.

Plot summaryEdit

Angel Perez's Black Staff has been passed down from bearer to bearer until Sider Ament. As a Bearer of the Black Staff, the only surviving Bearer, he is charged with watching the passes into the valley and watching out for the residents of the valley. One morning Sider detects the tracks of unknown predators stalking the valley. The presence of these predators from the wasteland of the outside world signifies the weakening of the protective magic that surrounds the valley. Sider Ament goes after the predators.

Two young trackers from the human village of Glensk Wood, Panterra Qu and Prue Liss, also find the trail left by the large unknown predators. The tracks lead the pair to find two of their own gruesomely killed. After judging the situation they decide to go after the predators to determine what kind of creatures they are. They find out that the creatures are not so simple and are nearly killed when the monsters confront them. They are saved by Sider Ament though, the Grey Man.

From there the Bearer and the Trackers have to explore the dangers of the outside world and spread the bad news to the people in the valley. Among the humans of Glensk Wood the news is not taken very well. Especially among the Children of Hawk, a powerful group of people who have been following a strict dogma for 500 years. The leader of the Children of Hawk, Skeale Eile, feels especially threatened by the news and the trackers eventually flee their home in fear of him. They go to the elves to spread word of the encroaching danger and to enlist the help of Tasha and Tenerife Orrullian, cousins of the King. Help is also offered by the daring Elf princess, Phryne Amaratyne, in planning to defend their ancestral home.

The plans for defense are hastened once it is found that beyond the breached borders, a ruthless Troll army is massed for invasion. Sider Ament must find a way to get the many races, Human, Elf, Lizard, Spider and others, to work together, or else all in the valley might not survive the abrupt clash with the post apocalyptic world outside. And through all of this he must also find a successor to bear the Black Staff and its awesome magic for when he's gone. And in this dangerous new time, who knows when that could be?

As described by Cristina Donati of Fantasy Magazine (translated),[4] The story begins about 500 years after the events of The Army of Demons. The heirs of the survivors of the terrible war with the Demons with the variant, the magical boy named Hawk, are facing a change inconceivable: the seals that have enchanted defended the valley from the horrors of global catastrophe have been disrupted. Humans, elves, and mutants are therefore devoid of that protective shell that seemed to last forever.One day, Sider Ament - a direct descendant of the Knights of the Word - unknown predators seen in their own little paradise, and fears the worst: two men are in fact found brutally murdered. Make it clear to the other inhabitants of the valley lies the danger and the need to develop appropriate plans will prove to be not so easy, even if just across the border is amassing an army of ready Troll invasion.

The Great War survivors now face amazing adventures in this new novel, set in pre-history of Shannara. —Cristina Donati, Fantasy Magazine, August 30, 2010==[[[Bearers of the Black Staff|edit]]] References==

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