Bek Ohmsford is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and the High Druid of Shannara trilogies. He possesses the power of the wishsong and is the brother of Grianne Ohmsford, who for a time was known as the Ilse Witch.

Bek's past is filled with tragedy. When he was but two, his parents and home were destroyed and his older sister Grianne Ohmsford was kidnapped shortly after hiding him. Saved by the shape-shifter Truls Rohk, Bek was taken to the Druid Walker Boh, a distant relative who in turn took Bek to live with the Leah family. Walker concealed Bek's heritage, claiming that he was the child of a distant relative of the Highlanders. And so, from that point until his late teens, Bek Ohmsford was Bek Rowe. He became good friends with his "cousin" Quentin Leah, and the two were hunting together when they were approached by Walker.

Walker wanted to bring Quentin and Bek along on his voyage to the land of Parkasia. He wanted Quentin to wield the magical Sword of Leah, and Bek to act as a cabin boy and more, though he did not say so. He first sent them to deliver a message to Truls Rohk, who agreed to accompany them. Along the way, however, Bek was met by the King of the Silver River, who gave Bek warning of his future and presented him with a magical phoenix stone. Upon reaching Arborlon, Bek met and was instructed by Captain Redden Alt Mer, who taught Bek about airships. Bek also met Mer's sister, Rue Meridian, and became attached to her instantly.

As the journey progressed, Bek became dissatisfied with his role. He did not seem to have any importance in the expedition: he was never allowed off the ship, and Walker would reveal nothing of his mysterious past. This state grew after Walker communicated with Bek, and yet no one else, when he was in danger. It was only when Truls Rohk enlisted his help on the island of Mephitic, and he first learned rudimentary use of the wishsong, that Walker finally agreed to talk.

He revealed Bek's origins, his sister's existence, and one of the reasons he had been brought aboard: to wield the Sword of Shannara so they could bypass the obstacle of the Squirm. Having done so, Bek accompanied the others into Parkasia. He ran into Grianne, who captured him and took him aboard her airship. However, he was freed by Truls Rohk, and the two set about evading the menaces of Parkasia. They witnessed Walker's death, and vowed to protect Grianne from harm.

When Truls Rohk was mortally wounded, Bek gave permission to a nearby shapeshifter community to destroy his human half, freeing him of the burden and saving his life. Afterwards, he reunited with the rest of the company, and he and Rue Meridian admitted their love for each other. Bek participated in the final battles of the voyage, and even helped Grianne to overcome the evil of the Morgawr. Returning to the Four Lands, he and Rue left Grianne to her duty as High Druid of the Third Council.

Twenty years later, Bek's life was greatly changed. He and Rue were married, he was in the business of airships, his relationship with his sister was strained, and he had a son named Pen Ohmsford. Bek and his wife were away when Tagwen came, and then were brought to Paranor by the Druids. Bek vainly tried to oppose the treacherous Druids, but was imprisoned. Working together with allies of his sister, Bek was able to bring her home and defeat the renegade Druids.

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