Bloodfire Quest is the second novel in The Dark Legacy of Shannara series, continuing the story began in Wards of Faerie and detailing the search for the missing Elfstones. The series is concluded in the next novel, Witch Wraith.

Plot SummaryEdit

The quest for the missing Elfstones has gone badly awry. The Druid Order has been decimated, and its surviving leader and her followers are trapped inside the Forbidding—the hellish dimension that imprisons the most dangerous creatures banished from the Four Lands. But now the powerful magic barrier that surrounds the Forbidding is crumbling, and an evil horde is poised to break free... unless one young Druid is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Continuing from the first novel Wards of Faerie, the Elven Druid Aphenglow Elessedil and her sister Arlingfant Elessedil seek a way to reseal the Forbidding, whilst the Ard Rhys (High Druid) Khyber Elessedil and Redden Ohmsford are still stuck within the Forbidding at the mercy of the Straken Lord. Meanwhile, Railing Ohmsford searches for a way to save his brother.

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