The Blue Divide is a large ocean that sits between the Four Lands to the east and Parkasia to the west. It is analogous to the Old World body of water known as the Pacific Ocean.


The Blue Divide is mostly uninhabited apart from when the Elves used to live on Morrowindl and apart from a few people who live on remote island outposts.

In the Westland there are several coastal communities on the edge of the Blue Divide, such as Bracken Clell, March Brume, and Wing Hove.

Notable LandmarksEdit

  • Flay Creech — A small island a scant half-mile in diameter, found off the coast of the Westland. Few things grow on the island save for scrub plants and weeds. An outcropping just off the island's south coast resembles the head of a lizard.
  • Mephitic — A large island found near the coast of Parkasia. Its main feature is an old, abandoned castle as large as Paranor. The walls and outbuildings extend outward from the castle for a mile in every direction.
  • Mesca Rho — A small island just off the coast of the Westland which serves as an outpost for Wing Riders. However, only Hunter Predd and one other Wing Rider actually live on the island.
  • Morrowindl — A large island located several days flight off the coast of the Westland. For roughly a century, it was home to the Elves, who transported Arborlon and their entire nation's populace from the Westland to the island inside the Elfstone known as the Loden. The Sky Elves, who had always lived apart from the majority of the Elves in Wing Hove, moved from the Westland to smaller neighboring islands some years after the rest of the Elves had established themselves on Morrowindl.
  • Shatterstone — A large, imposing island with sheer rock cliffs rising straight out of the ocean, with its peaks disappearing into the clouds. The island is heavy in vegetation and there are almost no beaches, and hardly any open spaces apart from at the peaks and cliff edges.
  • Shrike Island — An island found southwest of Shatterstone, featuring rocky cliffs and peaks surrounding a tropical jungle. The island is used by War Shrikes as a nesting ground.

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