Carisman is a character in The Druid of Shannara. He was a tunesmith who encountered Quickening, Walker Boh, and their companions in the Spikes, a forested valley within the Charnal Mountains characterized by a ridgeline of dead, spike-like trees running down its center. Quickening and her party was captured by Carisman's tribe of Urdas, of which he was king.

When pressed by Walker Boh, Carisman admitted that he too was a prisoner of the Urdas, kept by them because they believed there was magic in his beautiful singing voice. He helped Quickening and her party escape on the condition that they took him with them, and despite Quickening's misgivings, she agreed. Carisman went with the party to Eldwist but the Urdas tracked him down and killed him.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Carisman was said to be small, around middle age, and with long blonde hair and a handsome face.

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