The Ellcrys is a magical entity in the four lands. The Ellcrys resides in Arborlon, capitol of the Elves. In the time of the Faerie, the war between the Word and the Void raged on. The supporters of the Word were tired and discouraged of all the fighting. All of the followers of the Word combined their magics and used an elven woman to create the Ellcrys. The power of the Ellcrys sealed all the creatures of the Void in a prison, called the Forbidding. The Ellcrys can live for thousands of years, but not forever. In the time of Wil Ohmsford , the Ellcrys started to fail. To give the Ellcrys a Rebirth, Wil and Amberle, a Chosen in service to the Ellcrys, took on a quest to Spire's Reach to find the Bloodfire , a magic in which to plunge the seed of the Ellcrys. When reaching the Bloodfire ,Amber Elessidil, submerged herself and the seed in the magic. The Bloodfire

The Ellcrys

Revealed what was needed for a Rebirth. Wil and Amberle returned to the gardens of the Ellcrys. When planting the tree, Amberle transformed into the new Ellcrys.'

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