The House of Leah is a key family from the Race of Man in many of the Shannara novels. Originally the ruling family of the small highland kingdom of Leah, the Leahs in later times are regular people, having lost their royal status when the Federation first annexed the kingdom after the time of the Druid Allanon.

Members of the House of Leah have throughout history been the close friends and protectors of the House of Shannara, most famously with Menion Leah protecting Shea Ohmsford and Rone Leah protecting Brin Ohmsford.

On more than one occasion, the House of Leah merged with the House of Shannara: when Brin and Rone married and had children together, and when Railing Ohmsford and Mirai Leah did the same centuries later. Walker Boh and Paxon Leah are examples of those who are part of both the Leah and Shannara bloodlines.

Members of the House of Leah since the time of Menion have used the Sword of Leah in their quests. Rone is the first member of the House of Leah to carry the Sword of Leah after Allanon imbued it with the magic of the Hadeshorn, turning what was once a mere family heirloom into a powerful talisman against creatures of magic.

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