Crace Coram is a minor character in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. He is the former Chieftain of the Quare Rek, a tribe of Dwarves, and he is recruited by Seersha for Khyber Elessedil's quest to find the lost Elfstones.


Early LifeEdit

Crace was something of a legend. As the son and grandson of former Chieftains of the Quare Rek, he had inherited wars against tribes of Gnomes that went back centuries. When Crace was only twenty years old, his father was killed in battle by members of the Zek'ke tribe of Gnomes, and Crace was immediately named leader of his people.

Days later the Zek'ke attacked again, expecting to find the Quare Rek in shambles with their old Chieftain dead. Indeed, the Dwarves did flee at first, but Crace rallied his people and fought back. He sought out the Gnome leader responsible for the death of his father, and killed him and three of his protectors single-handedly. Crace then drove the Zek'ke from his village with the help of less than thirty men and pursued the Gnomes through the mountains, killing them one by one.

Finally, the remaining Gnomes threw down their weapons and begged for their lives. Crace allowed them to live on the condition that they and everyone they knew would never attack the Quare Rek again. The Gnomes agreed and kept their word.

Quest for the Missing ElfstonesEdit

The Druid Seersha hailed from a neighboring village and she had known Crace all her life. When she sought out and found Crace, he was no longer Chieftain and had passed that role to his oldest son. After Seersha and explained to him the nature of the Ard Rhys Khyber Elessedil's quest for the missing Elfstones, he agreed at once to follow Seersha, out of an enormous respect for both her and the Druids. Crace said that if he could be of help to them he was more than willing, and that he had nothing better to do with his time.

On the journey to find the missing Elfstones, Crace protected Railing Ohmsford during an attack on the company. Later, when part of the company led by the Ard Rhys were trapped in the Forbidding, Crace fought against a dragon that attacked their party. He and the shape-shifter Oriantha were both carried off by the dragon as it fled. They both survived the flight on the dragon's back and broke free when the monster dove into a lake.

Worn and wounded, the pair walked through the Forbidding for three full days, encountering and avoiding dangers. They hid from the Furies, were attacked by a huge lizard which Oriantha drove away, and when Oriantha was attacked by a poisonous plant Crace cut into her skin and sucked the poison out.

Eventually the pair were saved by Tesla Dart, who led them to a temporary opening within the Forbidding that led back out into the Four Lands. Tesla's motive for assisting the pair was so that they could tell the long-disappeared Grianne Ohmsford to come back to the Forbidding and avenge the death of Weka Dart, who had been killed by the Straken Lord Tael Riverine for assisting Grianne during her time imprisoned within the Forbidding.

At the last minute, Oriantha opted to stay in the Forbidding to avenge the death of her mother, the Druid Pleysia Ariana, and to try and save Khyber Elessedil and Redden Ohmsford, both of whom had been captured by the Straken Lord. Crace left the Forbidding to tell Seersha and the remainder of the company what had happened to those in their party who had gotten trapped within the Forbidding.

Later, Seersha and Crace were both stationed in Arborlon to assist the Elves against potential threats from the Demons that were set to break free from the Forbidding. Sensing a threat to Aphenglow and Arlingfant Elessedil on their journey to immerse the seed of the Ellcrys in the Bloodfire, Seersha and Crace commandeered an airship and flew from the Westland to Paranor, where Seersha used the scry waters to determine the Elven sisters' whereabouts. Noting the recent and intense use of Elven magic in the Southland city of Arishaig, Seersha and Crace flew to the city, only to find Aphenglow and Arlingfant already gone and the city laid to waste by Tael Riverine's Demon army.

Seersha flew back to Arborlon to assist the Elven nation as the Demons began to invade, while Crace traveled to the Eastland to rally the Dwarves and bring troops to help the Elves. However, the Four Lands were finally saved only when Arlingfant restored the Ellcrys and the Forbidding.

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