Damson Rhee is a character in The Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. She is a red-haired street magician and spy for the Free-born Resistance movement who meets Par Ohmsford in Tyrsis and aids him in his quest for the Sword of Shannara.


Damson is a street magician, skilled in the arts of sleight of hand and illusion. She is also, secretly, the daughter of Free-born leader Padishar Creel, and thus a descendant of the legendary Panamon Creel. She lost all her family except her father to a fire after her father was betrayed while selling weapons to the Free-born. To protect Damson from danger, Padishar concocted numerous stories about her origin.

Damson first appeared when Par Ohmsford and his companions came to Tyrsis to find the Sword of Shannara. Damson was briefly suspected by Par to be a traitor, but proved herself trustworthy. After Padishar and Morgan Leah disappeared, she sheltered Par and Coll Ohmsford in the city. She also helped them slip back into the pit with help from the Mole, whom Damson had met some years earlier. When Par emerged with the Sword, convinced that he had killed his own brother, Damson and he hid out in Tyrsis.

Damson was later abducted by the Federation, but saved by Padishar and Par, at the cost of Padishar's imprisonment. Fleeing the city, Damson and Par discovered the reappearance of Paranor. But before they could get a closer look, they ran into a horribly transformed Coll. Leaving Par to pursue his brother, Damson went to get help for Padishar. With the aid of Morgan Leah and several Free-born, they freed Padishar.

Damson, Morgan, and Free-born member Matty Roh teamed up to locate Par. Damson had given Par half of a street magic medallion, which she could locate with the other half. However, sometime later, they detected two readings, which should not be possible. Damson and Matty set off for the stronger one, and found it to be Coll Ohmsford, who had stolen Par's medallion half.

Reuniting with Morgan and the recently arrived Walker Boh, Damson went into Southwatch to save Par. When Par was consumed by the wishsong's power, it was his growing love for Damson that freed him long enough for him to be saved. Damson then accompanied her allies into the depths of Southwatch, where the Shadowen were finally defeated.

After the Shadowen were defeated, Damson married Par Ohmsford. According to Par's plans, they most likely set up an inn in Varfleet or one of the other border cities. Years later, the mixed Ohmsford-Creel bloodlines would produce the next champion of the House of Shannara: Bek Ohmsford.

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