Drust Chazhul, also known as Drustan Chazhul, is a minor character in Wards of Faerie. He was the Prime Minister of the Federation. Determined to rid the Four Lands of the Druids once and for all, he led a contingent of Federation troops to Paranor to destroy the Druid Order.


Prime Minister Drust Chazhul had achieved his position at the top of the Federation's power structure through political machinations and intrigues, which included orchestrating the death of the old Prime Minister and then maneuvering behind the scenes to become the acceptable compromise successor while the top two contenders for the job, Lehan Arodian and Edinja Orle, vied openly for the position.

When he was still a clerk serving a junior Minister, Drust met the assassin Stoon in a tavern in a seedier part of town. He hired Stoon that very night, and within a week, a Minister who had been rumored to be aiming for the position of Minister of the Treasury was killed in an apparent accident. Since then, Stoon and Drust worked together to advance Drust's political career, in exchange for substantial rewards and access for Stoon.

As Prime Minister, Drust's main goal was to eliminate the Druids and reduce Paranor to rubble. He capitalized on public resentment against the Druids, whom most blamed for the Federation's defeat to the Free-born on the plains of the Prekkendoran about a century earlier. Drust realized that as long as the Druids existed, the Federation's effort to dominate and rule all of the Four Lands and the other Races within it would be hampered, as would his own plans to expand his own power in tandem with Federation expansion.

Drust also believed that the use of magic was an abomination that had somehow gained the upper hand over the far safer and more productive sciences that had determined the course of the Old World. He saw magic as an elitist power that only a few possessed, let alone understood, and because he himself did not possess magic, he viewed it as a threat. Mostly those who possessed magic were Druids, and Drust did not believe Druids were any better equipped than anyone else to decide what was and wasn't acceptable in shaping the future of the Four Lands.

When Drust learned from Stoon that the Ard Rhys Khyber Elessedil was planning to lead the Druids on a quest for a missing magic, he saw an opportunity to attack Paranor while it was relatively unguarded. Before he left, he had a secret meeting with Edinja Orle, which ended when she died from an apparent poisoning. Drust then traveled to Paranor with a fleet of five airships and a thousand troops, and he brought along Lehan Arodian, Minister of Defense, whom he had just appointed the commander of the Arishaig, the Federation's flagship. Stoon killed Arodian on the way to Paranor by throwing him over the side of the Arishaig.

At Paranor no Druids were left save for Bombax and Aphenglow Elessedil. Drust used Aphenglow's refusal to let him or a representative enter Paranor as a pretext to launch an all-out assault against the Druid's Keep.

However, Paranor's defensive wards, which had been put into place by Grianne Ohmsford during her time as Ard Rhys, successfully repelled the Federation attack. It took subterfuge on the part of the Federation to infiltrate the Druid's Keep, and eventually the Druids were forced to abandon Paranor. However, before leaving Aphenglow unleashed the destructive magic of the Keep from the central well, which killed every living thing remaining within the Keep and prevented the Federation from taking control of Paranor.

After the abandonment of Paranor by the Druids, Drust was killed by Stoon, who by that point had switched allegiances to Edinja Orle. Edinja, who had faked her death to throw Drust off the scent and had disappeared since their secret meeting, reappeared and took Drust's place as Prime Minister.

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