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Biographical information
  • Unknown
Physical description
  • Male
Character information
Portrayed By
  • Matthew Arbuckle

Edain is a character in The Shannara Chronicles, based on the character Edain Elessedil in The Wishsong of Shannara. He is scheduled to appear in Season 2.

Edain Elessedil is a character in The Wishsong of Shannara. He was Prince of the Elves and the son of Ander Elessedil.


When the Eastland is threatened by the Mord Wraiths, Ander sends Edain and a company of Elven Hunters as an advance, token force to Culhaven to demonstrate the Elves' commitment to the Dwarves while the full Elven army mobilizes.

Impulsive, young, and eager, Edain jumps at the chance to travel with Jair Ohmsford, Garet Jax, Slanter, Elb Foraker, and Helt on the journey to heal the Silver River. Despite the protests of his Home Guard protectors, Edain leaves them behind to travel with Jair's company as the only Elf.

Edain proves to be a source of much needed good humor and positivity along the journey. Despite suffering injuries time and again, the Prince manages to persevere and give motivation to Jair. Because of their closeness in age, shared Elven heritage, and the tales their fathers had told them about each other's fathers, Jair and Edain swiftly became close friends.

During the final battle within Graymark to get to Heaven's Well, Edain's leg is shattered by a Gnome's mace. Elb Foraker, also badly wounded, stays beside the wounded prince to help stall the pursuing Gnomes, and the two are overrun and killed while Garet Jax, Slanter, and Jair continue to flee.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Edain is barely older than Jair's sister Brin, who herself is just under twenty years old. He is described as being tall with shoulder-length blond hair. He fights with a light, slender sword and a long knife in the other hand to parry blows.

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