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  • Unknown
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  • Male
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  • Brown
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  • Brown
Skin color
  • White
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  • Matthew Arbuckle

Edain is a minor character in The Shannara Chronicles, based on the character Edain Elessedil in The Wishsong of Shannara. He was a childhood friend of Ander Elessedil, King of the Elves.


When King Ander found magic users killed and strung up to trees with the insignia of the Crimson stamped on their foreheads, he declared that Riga, their leader, must be found and brought to justice. Edain cautioned him, warning that Riga's beliefs about magic users were shared by many.

Later, Edain was part of the delegation of Elves who accompanied Ander and the Druid Allanon on their journey to the Kingdom of Leah, with whom Ander hoped to form an alliance. Tamlin, Queen of Leah, proposed a blood alliance through a marriage between Ander and Tamlin's daughter, Lyria. Despite his misgivings, Ander's girlfriend Catania urged him to accept the terms of the alliance for the good of the Elves.

Unfortunately, the Crimson was somehow alerted to Allanon's presence in Leah, and the Druid was ambushed by General Riga and his men in the palace stables. Riga knocked out the Druid and ordered his soldiers to take him to Graymark.

Eretria and Catania, who happened to be in the stable as this was happening, watched as the men left. Catania told Eretria that she didn't know where Graymark was but that the men who had captured Allanon were part of the Crimson. Eretria urged Catania to find Ander and tell him that he must send out a patrol to bring back Allanon.

Catania ran back to her quarters to find Ander, only to find Edain there. Edain told her that Ander was meeting with the Queen of Leah to finalize their alliance.

Catania urged Edain to go find Ander and stop the meeting, saying that Allanon had been taken and that he had to have been set up since the Crimson was waiting for him at the stables. Edain grabbed Catania, preventing her from running away, and demanded to know who else knew about what happened. Catania, confused with Edain's behavior, stated that only she knew, and he then viciously stabbed her to death.

The next day in the Palace of Leah, Ander and Edain waited for Tamlin to formally agree to their alliance. When the King asked Edain if he had seen Catania, Edain lied, saying that Catania took Ander's engagement to Lyria hard and left for Arborlon. Ander commented to Edain that he couldn't have survived the past year without her.

Tamlin then announced that she had agreed to the terms of the alliance and would set up a meeting with Lyria for Ander. She asked to speak to Edain as Ander left.

Once Ander was gone, Tamlin asked Edain to bring Riga to see her, revealing that both she and Edain were connected to the Crimson and probably alerted them to Allanon's presence. Edain said that such a meeting wasn't possible, but Tamlin grabbed and threatened him, choking him and warning that his revolt wouldn't succeed until Edain agreed to deliver Riga.

After Eretria, Mareth, and Garet Jax freed Allanon and Wil Ohmsford from Graymark, Riga ordered Valcaa to contact Edain to secure another weapons shipment from Leah.

In Leah, Ander again questioned Edain about Catania's disappearance and wasn't convinced by his explanation. Eretria and Garet returned to Leah on Allanon's orders to warn Ander that the Crimson were using weapons made in Leah. Eretria added that she saw the Crimson take Allanon from the stables and that she had sent Catania to warn him. Ander realized that Edain had been lying to him about Catania, and he had Garet, Eretria, and Slanter join him in chasing after Edain. The four of them and Ander's troops ambushed the man, catching him trying to offload weapons to the Crimson. Ander demanded to know where Catania was and beat Edain ferociously when he revealed that he murdered her.

Back in Leah, Ander confronted Tamlin about her connection to the Crimson, but she deflected, claiming that she would root out all traitors and demanding that Ander deal harshly with Edain. When Ander made Tamlin promise to help him stop the Crimson, she agreed, but he remained unconvinced.

To show her commitment, Tamlin had Edain and two of her soldiers rounded up and stood at the edge of the great dam adjacent to the Palace of Leah, high above the waters below. She pushed her two soldiers into the water for their traitorous behavior and had Ander do the same to Edain.

Before Ander pushed Edain to his death, he asked his old friend to explain his motives. Edain claimed that he tried in vain to get Ander to listen both to him and to the Elven people's views against magic, and that he was trying to do the right thing for their people. When Ander pointed out that Catania was one of the people Edain purported to be concerned for, Edain defended himself by saying he did what he had to do for a greater cause, and that Ander himself would never have the courage to act in the same way.

Unmoved, Ander countered that he was about to prove Edain wrong. He pushed his old friend off the dam. Ultimately, Edain died without revealing that he had colluded with Tamlin the entire time.

Changes Made for the TV Adaptation

  • In The Shannara Chronicles, Edain is dark-haired and well into manhood, whereas in The Wishsong of Shannara, Edain is described as having shoulder-length blond hair and being just twenty years old.
  • In The Shannara Chronicles, Edain looks to be roughly the same age as Ander and it is implied that they grew up together as childhood friends of some sort; in Wishsong, Edain is Ander's biological son.


Edain Elessedil is a character in The Wishsong of Shannara. He was Prince of the Elves and the son of Ander Elessedil.


When the Eastland is threatened by the Mord Wraiths, Ander sends Edain and a company of Elven Hunters as an advance, token force to Culhaven to demonstrate the Elves' commitment to the Dwarves while the full Elven army mobilizes.

Impulsive, young, and eager, Edain jumps at the chance to travel with Jair Ohmsford, Garet Jax, Slanter, Elb Foraker, and Helt on the journey to heal the Silver River. Despite the protests of his Home Guard protectors, Edain leaves them behind to travel with Jair's company as the only Elf.

Edain proves to be a source of much needed good humor and positivity along the journey. Despite suffering injuries time and again, the Prince manages to persevere and give motivation to Jair. Because of their closeness in age, shared Elven heritage, and the tales their fathers had told them about each other's fathers, Jair and Edain swiftly became close friends.

During the final battle within Graymark to get to Heaven's Well, Edain's leg is shattered by a Gnome's mace. Elb Foraker, also badly wounded, stays beside the wounded prince to help stall the pursuing Gnomes, and the two are overrun and killed while Garet Jax, Slanter, and Jair continue to flee.

Physical Appearance

Edain is barely older than Jair's sister Brin, who herself is just under twenty years old. He is described as being tall with shoulder-length blond hair. He fights with a light, slender sword and a long knife in the other hand to parry blows.