Eilt Druin on the Sword
Eilt Druin

The Eilt Druin is a medallion cast in the Druid crest. The crest was used to represent their order and all they stood for. It was the image of a hand holding forth the torch of knowledge with a circle in the background. Elit Druin is actually Elvish, which translates to "Through knowledge, power", the credo of the Druids. It can also be translated "Through truth, power". The Elit Druin was given to Galaphile the High Druid in the early years of the Druid Order as a symbol of his badge of office.

The Eilt Druin was forged of gold strengthened with a small amount of alloys, with knowledge from the Old World, and laced with silver trappings. According to legend, it was created with magic and imbued with magic properties. What that magic was has remained a mystery to all except maybe the High Druids themselves. It was passed down from High Druid to High Druid during the time of the First Council of Druids. The last to wear the medallion was the High Druid Athabasca. Killed by Brona, when the Druids where crushed at the beginning of the Second War of the Races, the Elit Druin was left unclaimed at Paranor.

Bremen with the sword

Bremen holding out the Sword to the dead Druids.

The outcast Druid Bremen returned to Paranor and retrieved the Elit Druin as per a vision by the Shade of Galahpile. The Eilt Druin was then cast into the hilt of the sword forged specifically to defeat Brona. Once the forging was completed, Bremen brought the sword to the Hadeshorn. There the sword was touched by each of the druids who have gone past, on the Eilt Druin. Their touched imbued the sword with its magical properties which allowed it to be a bane toward Brona. It was used by the Elf King, Jerle Shannara and then given the name the Sword of Shannara.

It is presumed that Grianne Ohmsford had a new medallion cast, for she wore the Eilt Druin as a symbol of her office. The magical properties, if any, of this new Eilt Druin remain unclear.

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