Eldwist is an Old World city that was turned to stone and frozen in time. It is located far to the north where the Eastland ends, on a peninsula jutting into the Tiderace. The peninsula is connected to the land by a tiny isthmus.

Before the age of the Federation and the coming of the Shadowen, Eldwist loomed above the waves of the Tiderace. For centuries, its towers and walkways were almost perfectly preserved in stone by Uhl Belk, the Stone King. When Walker Boh, Pe Ell, Morgan Leah, and Horner Dees traveled with Quickening in search of the Black Elfstone, they were greeted by buildings so tall they seemed to threaten the sky. They stood in row upon row, like towering soldiers above a gridwork of perfectly straight streets. Tunnels built for underground carriages burrowed beneath the impossibly tall buildings. Huge open squares were filled with statuary and fountains frozen in stone.

Return to Nature

After retrieving the Black Elfstone, Quickening allowed Pe Ell to kill her, for he possessed the Stiehl, the only weapon that could kill the elemental. The magic that was released upon her death reduced the Maw Grint back to the elements from which it was spawned, and returned life to the land. The city of Eldwist was given new life as nature took back the land, and only a single part of the stone city remained: the stone dome in the center of the city where Uhl Belk resides.