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Seeking Stones

The Elfstones are an old magic, going all the way back to the time of Faerie. They were mined by Trolls and given to the Elves to be made over into talismans. Because it was the Elves who infused them with their magic, only Elves could use them. They were of different colors and designed to do different things. They were formed and shaped in sets of three. The mix of minerals and magic made each set individual. It took years to make even a single set. All the Elfstones had defensive capabilities. They were infused with power to protect the user. Their power was dependent on the individual, a reflection of the combined strengths of heart, mind, and body. The Stones were the most powerful of the Elven magic. 

There are two variations of Elfstones. The typical is a set of three, same-colored gemstones, each one representing a person's body, spirit and mind. The Black Elfstone and Loden, however, represents those three components in and of itself.

There are five known types of colored Elfstones, though the explicit purpose of most remains a mystery. It should be noted that most can be used as a weapon against magical creatures, regardless of their primary function.

  • Blue Elfstones, also known as the Seeking Stones, allow the user to find anything he or she desires, as long as they can form an accurate mental picture of their query. The stone may also be used as a weapon to dispel and destroy magical creatures but the strength will depend on its wielder.
  • Crimson Elfstones act as a high-powered, life-draining fiery weapon, capable of incinerating  an enemy within moments. This comes at a cost of the user's life force.
  • Emerald Elfstones, primary function unknown.
  • Saffron Elfstones, primary function unknown.
  • White Elfstones, primary function unknown.

Most of the Elfstones were lost during the time of ancient Faerie, when the walls of the Forbidding first went up, with the exceptions of the Blue and Black Elfstones. 

The Blue Elfstones have been used by many individuals across the millenia, and have played a pivotal role in many struggles. They usually stay in the careful guard of the Elven royal family.

The Black Elfstone had since time immemorial been kept hidden in the Fortress of Chew Magna, until its recovery by Tay Trefenwyd around the time of the forging of the Sword of Shannara.

The Loden Elfstone has seen, at most, two incarnations. The first was used to transport the Ellcrys from one place to another during Genesis of Shannara and the last was used by the Elves in the time of Wren Ohmsford-Elessedil to transport the city of Arborlon from the Westland to Morrowindl and back again.

The other colored Elfstones lay buried and forgotten in the Forbidding for centuries, until recovered by Redden Ohmsford during the second breach of the Forbidding. In the aftermath of the demon invasion, the colored Elfstones save Crimson were carried back into the alternate dimension, once again lost to the ages.


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