Fixit is a character in the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. He was a member of the Ghosts who was a whiz with technology.


Early LifeEdit

Fixit grew up with his family. At a young age he was interested in everything to do with building and creating things. He would often be reading manuals that he family possessed. By the age of seven, he was able to help fix things around his home.

Eventually he left his home he wandered into ruins of downtown Seattle, Washington, there he was found by members of the Ghosts.

The Ghosts are a group of street kids, orphans that have banded together as a family. He was 'adopted' into the Ghosts family by Hawk the leader of the Ghosts and became a worthwhile member, he would often be charged with fixing or maintenance of the defenses of the ghosts home.

He became fast friends with another member of the Ghosts, a boy roughly he own age named Chalk. The boys were a good match for each other, often paired together as one Fixit would often get distracted while Chalk would help keep him focused. Whereas Fixit would help the otherwise quiet and internal Chalk to be more open.

Armageddon's ChildrenEdit

After the Ghosts' home is attacked by a mutant resembling a giant centipede, they are forced to leave for a new home as seen in Hawk's visions. Hawk sets out to visit Tessa and convince her to leave, but he is captured by guards at the Safeco compound. The ghosts meet a Knight of the Word named Logan Tom who goes to try and rescue Hawk and Tessa. When unable to do so he comes back to help the Ghosts, and with Fixit's interest in his Lightning vehicle he teaches Fixit how to drive and use it.

The Elves of CintraEdit

During the Ghosts' flight from Seattle, Fixit saved the lives of Logan, Panther, and River from robots by using Logan's Lightning vehicle.

The Gypsy MorphEdit

When the demon army has tracked Hawk and a large group of survivors to a bridge, Hawk leads the Ghosts, survivors, and other creatures to safety. Unbeknownst to the rest Fixit has stayed behind, upset over the disappearence of Chalk, who had been taken by the Klee and killed. Logan Tom, Helen Rice, and around 300 others have stayed to defend the bridge to give the others time to get away. As the demons begin to gain the bridge Logan orders for the bridge to be blown up. However the bridge doesn't blow, and Fixit immediately runs to the bridge's truss where a relay box is located. He clears some debris which was preventing the signal from activating, and once the debris was cleared the bridge detonated, resulting in Fixit's death.

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