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Galaphile was a male Elf and Druid who oversaw the First Council of Druids at Paranor, subsequently starting the Druid Order. He was the First high Druid.

Built to be both a revered cultural center and impenetraple fortress, Paranor was the result of the work of craftsmen and scholars from all the Races in the Four Lands. Elves, Gnomes, Trolls and men gave credit in building this remarkable place. But she was the inspiration of one man, a brilliant Elven philosopher known as Galaphile.

The actual dates and circumstances of his birth have been lost to the histories. He knew a great deal of knowledge from the Old World. Galaphile knew that the only way to bring the races together was to recruit only the wisest from each thereby allowing the gathering and protection of the remains of knowledge of the past and create solutions for the future. In honor of an Old World term for learned men, he named these men and women Druids. They became known as the Druid Council, and Galaphile was named the First High Druid.

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