The Gardens of Life are located in Arborlon, the capital city of the Elves. It houses the Ellcrys, the magical tree that keeps the Demons from the Age of Faerie locked away in an alternate universe called the Forbidding.

The Gardens are defended and guarded around the clock by the Black Watch, the centuries-old elite unit of the Elven military whose sole sworn duty is to protect the Ellcrys.


The Gardens of Life were described in The Elfstones of Shannara as being surrounded by an ivy-grown wall that had "arched, wrought iron gateway[s] inlaid with silver scroll and ivory chips."

Pale silver moonlight spilled down out of the heavens and washed the summer night. Sweet smells and comforting hums rose out of the dark in slow, dizzying waves that floated and danced in the warm breezes and brushed the hedgerows and stands, the flower banks, and the bushes... Dappled shadows layered the Gardens' colors in oddly knit patterns of black and white. Tiny life forms that awoke with darkness skittered and flew with sudden, invisible bursts that left no trace of their passing.

The War of the ForbiddingEdit

The Gardens of Life was where the Elves and their allies, desperate to protect the home of the Ellcrys, made their last stand against the Demon onslaught. The forces managed to disengage from combat long enough to retreat back to the Gardens of Life, thanks to an almost total sacrifice by Stee Jans and his men in the Free Corps. The combined armies then joined the Black Watch and managed to hold the Demons off long enough for Amberle Elessedil to reach the safety of the Gardens and be transformed into the new Ellcrys, sending the Demons back into the Forbidding.

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