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Garet Jax

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Garet Jax

Garet Jax
Shannara character
Other names The Weaponsmaster
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair colour Grey
Eye colour Grey
Loyalty Jair Ohmsford
First appearance The Wishsong of Shannara
Birth Unknown
Death Died from injuries inflicted by a Jachyra in The Wishsong of Shannara

Garet Jax is a fictional character from The Wishsong of Shannara. He was a renowned Weapons Master, skilled in every weapon known to man. No one could defeat him, so he claims, and many people who saw his battles can testify to that. During the events of The Wishsong of Shannara, he was the protector of Jair Ohmsford, and the leader of the party traveling towards the Heaven's Well. His aim in his life is to find a opponent that can match him in battle, which he found; a Jachyra. He was never defeated but finally killed by poison from the Jachyra, which he slew as he died.

The Wishsong of ShannaraEdit

Garet Jax first appeared in the book as a cloaked person drinking from a stream when Jair Ohmsford and his nine Gnome captors were traveling through the Black Oaks. He rescued Jair after killing six, knocking out the leader, (Spilk) and chasing away one. The last,Slanter, did not even bother to lift his knife, as he knew who the cloaked figure was. The three then decided to travel to the Eastlands, Slanter reluctantly.

Appearance and traitsEdit

He is described to have silvery black hair and flint grey eyes. Garbed in completely black clothing and has an assortment of concealed weapons on him, including a slender sword, a wooden staff, and several long daggers. His weapon of choice is a longsword which he used to slay the Jachyra. He has superhuman type speed and agility, and is famous throughout the four lands for these skills. He was training soldiers to fight at the age of ten.

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