The Hall of Kings was built in the beginning of the new world. Upon entering intricate traps have been emplaced to snare any who try to enter. The first room holds two sphinx statues that turn any who meet their gaze to stone. In addition to this, the sphinxes can get inside your mind to taunt you into looking at them. In the second room are screaming banshees with voices that threaten to take your sanity. The third and final room is the tomb filled with the dead and treasures, but all the treasures are coated with a poison so powerful it could kill you in one touch. Farther into the room is a lake that hold the tomb's protecter. The Valg, a giant serpent that guards the tomb of the kings. It is believed that the Druid, Allanon, killed it in the time of Shea Ohmsford. When the druid, Walker Boh, came in search of the Black Elfstone, the Valg did not show itself.

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