Hendel is a character in The Sword of Shannara. He is a Dwarf who saves the life of Menion Leah, later joining Allanon's Paranor-bound party at Culhaven.


To allow the rest of the group to make it past the Pass of Jade, he acted as a decoy to distract the Gnomes there. He was thought dead until the party found him following them in the Dragon's Teeth. After the group failed to acquire the Sword of Shannara, he left for Culhaven to try to aid Balinor Buckhannah by providing assistance from the Dwarves. He then went to Tyrsis, where he became imprisoned with Balinor, Durin Elessedil, and Dayel Elessedil after attempting to free them. When Balinor regained control of the city, Hendel and Menion helped in the Battle of Tyrsis by preventing Stenmin from letting the Northland army into the city through a secret passage below the palace, which would have been fatal to the Border Legion. Hendel was killed by Stenmin's guards, although he took down a great many with him. Hendel was one of the most epic dwarves ever in the history of Shannara.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Hendel was known as known as one of the finest trackers and fighters in the Border Legion. His considerable skill in tactics as well as single combat earned him a great deal of respect among his compatriots, as well as notoriety among the Gnomes, who considered him to be among their most hated enemies. Hendel's abilities in the wilderness once allowed him to evade an entire army of Gnomes, and his determination and skill with a mace led him to kill a number of men single-handedly before succumbing to his wounds only after all of his opponents had died.


Hendel Apfel

Hendel in Culhaven, eating an apple. Painted by the Brothers Hildebrandt for the original edition of The Sword of Shannara.

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