The Highlands of Leah are a series of forested highland hills located south of the Rainbow Lake. It is surrounded by the Lowlands of Clete to the east, the Rappahalladron River to the West, and the Prekkendorran Heights to the south. The principle city of any size in the Kingdom is the city of Leah. During most of it's history the Highlands of Leah was

Kingdom of LeahEdit

[1][2]The city of Leah by SimmonsThe Kingdom of Leah is one of the few monarchies remaining in all of the Southland by the time of Menion Leah during the War of the Warlock Lord. In fact it was the oldest monarchies in the Southland.[3] , which rests in a series of forested highlands. In fact everyone from the Kingdom is referred to as highlanders.


Leah refers to the city of Leah. The city is bound by stone and mortar walls which make it a welcome haven for travelers and residents alike. The city itself is comparatively smaller than many of the major cities of the Southland or the border city of Tyrsis. The entry way to the city is full of many small shops and markets, as the narrow streets lead to Leah Mansion.

Leah MansionEdit

The Leah Mansion which is home to the royal family of the Kings of Leah lies in the center of the city of Leah. It is a stately old mansion screened by trees and hedges that bordered carefully manicured and fragrant gardens.[3] The ancestral home of the monarchs of Leah was "a wide, two-story stone building nestled peacefully amind a cluster of spreading hickories and small gardens. The grounds were screened away from the surrounding city by high shrubbery."[4] A broad park centered around a pong lay directly across from a small walkway fronting the home. [4] Tall iron gates closed off the Mansion from the rest of the city, though generally left ajar.

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