The Home Guard are the personal corps of Elven Hunters beholden to the King or Queen of the Elves. Separate from the Elven army, the Home Guard is specifically tasked with protecting the ruler and their family from any dangers, whether they are in the Elven palace at Arborlon, out on a trip, or on the battlefield.

Centuries after the Elf Queen Wren Elessedil, the Home Guard are still predominantly men, while women have come to dominate the tracking units of the Elven army.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Crispin Islanbor — Captain of the Home Guard during the last years of Eventine Elessedil's reign. He was sent by Eventine to accompany Wil Ohmsford and Amberle Elessedil on their quest to find the Bloodfire and restore the dying Ellcrys. He was the leader of the expedition and was the last of Wil and Amberle's defenders to survive the quest, dying during a battle against the Reaper at the Pykon.
  • Kian — One of the Elven Hunters who went with Crispin to protect Wil and Amberle on their quest. Killed by the Reaper at Drey Wood while searching for signs of life at the outpost.
  • Dilph — Another Elven Hunter assigned to protect Wil and Amberle on their quest. Died along with Katsin at the hands of the Reaper while guarding a sleeping Wil and Amberle.
  • Katsin — Another Elven Hunter assigned to protect Wil and Amberle on their quest. Died along with Dilph at the hands of the Reaper while guarding a sleeping Wil and Amberle.
  • Kerrin — Captain of the Home Guard in Crispin's absence. When he led an attempt to take back the sixth gate of the Elfitch, he died at the hands of Furies who jumped from the walls into the midst of the counterattack.
  • Dardan — One of Eventine Elessedil's personal guards during the last years of his reign. He was killed by the Changeling when it drove a lance through his heart.
  • Triss — Captain of the Home Guard during the reigns of Ellenroh and Wren Elessedil. After Ellenroh enclosed Arborlon and the Elves inside the Loden, she, Wren, Triss, and others tried to escape Morrowindl and return the Elves to the Four Lands. Triss and Wren were the only ones to survive the entire journey. Triss became Wren's fierce protector after the death of her mentor Garth and supported her before the Elven High Council, who were initially distrustful of their new Queen.
  • Ard Patrinell — Captain of the Home Guard who was removed from his post after King Allardon Elessedil was killed, as the murder meant he had failed at his duty. The Elven tracker Tamis was in love with him, but he never found out as he was captured by Antrax when the first attempt was made to breach Castledown. Antrax turned him into a cyborg puppet called a wronk for the purpose of capturing Quentin Leah. He was freed from his torment by Quentin and Tamis, but not before mortally wounding her. Quentin Leah buried them together.
  • Pied Sanderling — Captain of the Home Guard, dismissed by Kellen Elessedil after Pied openly challenges him and tells him not to attack the Federation airfleet. Kellen, his two sons, and most of the Elven airfleet are easily destroyed by the Federation's new diapson crystal weapon, but Pied rallies the shocked and demoralized Elves and launches a successful counterattack. The widowed Queen Arling Elessedil blames him for the death of her sons and orders him banished from Arborlon if he survives his next assignment, which is to destroy the Federation's other diapson crystal weapon. He and the Elven tracker Troon destroy the weapon and escape, but they are severely injured and found by an innkeeper who hides them away. Pied and Troon recuperate and begin a new life together away from Arborlon.
  • Sian Aresh — Captain of the Home Guard during the reign of Emperowen Elessedil. He is a sensible man who is skeptical of the competence and judgment of Phaedon, Emperowen's son. When Phaedon succeeds Emperowen, Sian protects the Druid Seersha from Phaedon's wrath by advising her to flee Arborlon. Sian is ultimately killed by a Changeling-type creature under the command of the Federation Prime Minister Edinja Orle.

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