Iridia Eleri is a character in Jarka Ruus. As part of the mutinous Druid faction who banished their Ard Rhys Grianne Ohmsford into the Forbidding, Iridia was the Druid who set the coup in motion by establishing contact with the Demons.


Iridia was at one time romantically involved with Ahren Elessedil. However, he rejected her, and she set her sights on bringing down Grianne Ohmsford, convinced that she had somehow influenced Ahren in his rejection of her. She helped to banish Grianne to the Forbidding, knowing that the Moric would be brought into the Four Lands from the Forbidding in exchange for Grianne.

However, the Moric tricked her into thinking it was Ahren, and it killed her, assuming her identity for some time before shedding her skin and assuming the form of the Federation Prime Minister Sen Dunsidan.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Iridia has black hair, pale skin, green eyes, and a beautiful face with perfect features. She is highly intelligent and quick to anger, with an incredibly cold, cruel personality that is evident in her expression.

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