The Jachyra are beasts that were imprisoned even before the creation of the Forbidding. They are known for their awe-inspiring strength and for their ability to kill even the most powerful of beings. Among the creatures' victims are Allanon, arguably the greatest of the Druids, and Garet Jax, the legendary Weapons Master.

Jachyra are ancient creatures that are believed to have been brought from a time before the Age of Man to the Four Lands by the Mord Wraiths, servants of the Ildatch. The beasts are profoundly evil, relishing in the pain they bring with their poisonous, razor-sharp teeth and claws. However, their greatest advantage is that they feed off their own pain. Pain enrages and fuels them, making them even more deadly.

It is believed only a magic wielder can kill a Jachyra, but Garet Jax managed to do so using just his weapons, even though he also died in the attempt, succumbing to the monster's poison. Another was defeated by Allanon after he was able to incinerate it from the inside out with Druid fire and sacrificed himself.

The Jachyra reappears centuries later when Grianne Ohmsford transforms a wolf into a creature of similar appearance and abilities.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Jachyra is described as being man-shaped in appearance, strong, lean, and heavily muscled, with skin of a strange, reddish color. It is hairless except for a thick ruff that grows about its loins, and it has long arms with big, hooked claws that curl from its fingers and toes. The face is grotesque, blunt, and scarred, with yellow eyes and crooked teeth. It has a sharp cry that sounds almost like hideous laughter, and spikes run down the length of its spine. It sometimes walks on all fours.

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