Kahle Rese is a character in First King of Shannara. He was a Druid and the librarian of Paranor in the time just before the Second War of the Races, compiling and maintaining the Druid Histories.


Kahle Rese was an old friend of the outcast Druid Bremen, and though he was one of the few Druids to believe Bremen's claims that the Warlock Lord would try to destroy the Druid Order, he refused to flee Paranor and abandon his duties as librarian. Bremen gave him a pouch containing a magic dust, telling Kahle Rese that when the Warlock Lord attacked he should sprinkle the dust upon the walls of the chamber housing the Druid Histories. The dust would make the Histories invisible, so that only those who knew the proper rituals would be able to access them. Kahle did exactly as he was asked when the Warlock Lord attacked, and was killed shortly after when one of the Warlock Lord's minions skewered him through the heart with a spear.

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