Karlin Ryl is a character in The Sorcerer's Daughter. She is a seer, a Druid, and part of the Druid peace delegation that accompanied the Ard Rhys Isaturin on an ill-fated trip to meet and negotiate with the Federation in Arishaig.


Karlin's romantic relationship with the warrior Druid Miriya makes her the first Shannara character, along with Miriya, to be in a same-gender relationship.

When the Federation peace delegation is attacked and killed by a Sleath, Miriya and Isaturin use their magic to defend the Druids but the Sleath is able to penetrate their shields easily. In all the commotion Paxon Leah, the Blade of the Ard Rhys, is unable to get close enough to the beast to confront it with the Sword of Leah. It is only through Karlin's attempts to communicate with the monster that it ends up vanishing, breaking into pieces and seemingly passing through Karlin's body as it disappears.

The fact that the Sleath did not kill any Druids and the way the creature responded to Karlin's magic and passed through her as it vanished convinces the Commander of the Federation's Ministerial Watch, Fero Darz, that the Druids are responsible for the Sleath and its slaughter. He attempts to stop the Druid delegation from leaving, but their magic prevents him from doing so.

After the Druids escape Arishaig in a stolen airship, the ship crashes in a storm south of the Battlemound Lowlands. As the surviving Druids continue their escape on foot over the flatlands, Miriya confides in Paxon and tells him that Karlin is behaving strangely, avoiding Miriya and refusing to speak. Paxon attempts to speak to Karlin himself but also gets nowhere.

Paxon leads the surviving Druids towards the Lower Anar, hoping to get the party to Culhaven where they will be able to find transport back to Paranor. When they are almost to the Anar, Karlin falls into a trance, caught in the thrall of a vision. Although she struggles to speak, she manages to proclaim that the airship has crashed and that everyone has died. Paxon initially thinks Karlin is referring to their own crash, but she clarifies and says that the entire company of soldiers aboard the large Federation cruiser that had been pursuing them had been wiped out in a crash. On the heels of this stunning announcement, Karlin turns to Paxon and begs him for his help.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Due to conflicting descriptions in the book, Karlin is initially called "tall and willowy" and later depicted as small and slender. She has dark eyes and skin "as smooth and black as ink."

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