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A mute Troll who befriends the thief Panamon Creel, Keltset is a Troll of high standing. He is a member of the Mallicos family, a very respected line in the Northland. He has also won the honor of the Black Irix, the greatest award any Troll can achieve. As such, he is considered incapable of treachery and the very height of what every Troll strives for.

Keltset's family was all but obliterated by the agents of Brona, the Warlock Lord. His family protested Brona's takeover, and as such all were killed except Keltset. Keltset managed to escape, but not before he was rendered mute to prevent him from spreading his story. Fleeing the Skull Kingdom, he came upon Panamon Creel, whom he befriended and accompanied for several years. Both knew sign language, but Keltset did not reveal his history to Panamon.

Keltset got the chance to return home when he and Panamon met Shea Ohmsford, and decided to help the young Valeman in his quest. His past became a matter of curiosity to the two men when they encountered one of the Skull Bearers, which recognized and feared Keltset. Pressing on, they were captured by a party of Trolls, and Keltset was judged for bringing Southlanders into the Troll territory. Keltset revealed his identity and his past, and his efforts allowed Shea to proceed to his confrontation with the Warlock Lord.

Keltset was unable to defend Shea against Brona, but survived the former Druid's wrath and fled Skull Mountain with his friends. Before they could escape, the mountain began to collapse. Keltset held the roof of their tunnel in place long enough for his friends to escape, but was crushed beneath the mountain.

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