Kermadec is a character in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. He was a Rock Troll and a staunch ally of Grianne Ohmsford.

In the years during which the Third Druid Council was organized, Kermadec became a friend and protector to Grianne Ohmsford. He served as the first commander of her Druid Guard, and selected his successors after his term was up.

Kermadec alerted Grianne to strange activity in the Skull Kingdom, and they both witnessed the visage of Tael Riverine during an expedition to the area. Shortly afterward, Grianne disappeared, and the Trolls were banished from Paranor.

After the death of Ahren Elessedil, Pen Ohmsford and Tagwen came to Kermadec seeking help. Kermadec and a group of his Trolls served as escorts to for Pen and his company in their search for the mystical tanequil.

Kermadec also had a brother, Atalan, who was killed while fighting alongside Grianne and Kermadec against Shadea a'Ru and Pyson Wence.

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