Kimber Boh is a character in The Wishsong of Shannara. She was Cogline's adopted granddaughter and joined Brin Ohmsford and Rone Leah on their quest to destroy the Ildatch. Her line and Brin's line would merge generations later, culminating in the Druid Walker Boh.


The Wishsong of ShannaraEdit

Kimber's family was killed by Spider Gnomes when she was an infant, and she was rescued and raised by Cogline in Hearthstone. During her childhood she and Cogline found the Moor cat Whisper as a kitten, and nursed him back to health. Kimber and Whisper formed an inseparable bond, the cat seeing Kimber as his mother and Kimber learning to communicate with him. Kimber learned much from Cogline of their home country of Darklin Reach and the dangers of it, and thus felt quite comfortable there. As she grew older her adopted grandfather became increasingly eccentric, at one point deciding to bury his old identity and assume a new one.

About a year after this occurred, during the time of the Mord Wraiths, Kimber and her family were visited by Brin Ohmsford and Rone Leah, who sought Cogline's help in reaching the Maelmord in order to destroy the Ildatch. While Cogline wanted nothing to do with the pair initially, Kimber befriended them quickly and wished to help. On her advice, Brin visited the home of a nearby Shade known as the Grimpond, whom Kimber had visited a number of times over the years. From the Grimpond the group learned the location of the Sword of Leah and also how to penetrate the fortress of Graymark, where the Maelmord lay hidden, unnoticed. After recovering the sword and penetrating the fortress, the group lost Brin, who departed alone to destroy the Ildatch.

Kimber sent Whisper after Brin, but they later found him again guarding Brin's path into the Maelmord on her instructions. The four remaining companions were then forced to battle several Mord Wraiths and Mutens, but survived long enough for Brin to complete her quest. The group then met Brin's brother Jair Ohmsford and his Gnome companion Slanter, who had come to Graymark to aid Brin in her quest. Kimber and her friends returned to Hearthstone, and-though she wished to remain in her home for a time-Kimber promised to visit Brin in her home of Shady Vale.


Three years later, Kimber journeyed to Shady Vale in search of Jair, rather than Brin, to warn him that a single page of the Ildatch had survived Brin's destruction of the book.

Dark Wraith of ShannaraEdit

Some time later, the shade of Allanon appeared to Jair and informed him that Kimber and her grandfather had been taken captive by a group of Mwellrets under the leadership of the Croton Witch in order to force Cogline to bring Paranor back into the mortal world so that they can steal its secrets. Kimber managed to escape from the Rets but broke her leg in the process, forcing her to take refuge in a cave in Olden Moor. She is eventually found by Jair and Slanter, who were led to her by Whisper. The pair helped her to return to Hearthstone to recover from her injury, and she and Jair shared a kiss prior to his departure to rescue Cogline. After returning with her grandfather, he informed Kimber of his need to depart for a time, but promised to return.


Generations after Kimber's death, a descendant named Risse Boh married into the Ohmsford family. Risse and her husband Kenner Ohmsford, a descendant of Brin, would have a son, the Druid Walker Boh.

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