Legends of Shannara is a duology authored by Terry Brooks. The story takes place five centuries after the demon apocalypse in the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. It follows descendants of the survivors of the apocalypse in this new world.

The first book, Bearers of the Black Staff, came out in the fall of 2010. The second book, The Measure of the Magic, came out in the Fall of 2011.

The main characters are Sider Ament, Panterra Qu, Prue Liss, Tasha Orrullian, Tenerife Orrullian and Princess Phryne Amaratyne.

Other important characters are Aislinne Kray, Deladion Inch and Mistral Bellerrus.

The main antagonists are Skeale Eiele and the leaders of the Drouj Trolls. The Ragpicker is a villain in the second book.

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