Leofur Rai is a character in The Defenders of Shannara trilogy. She is the former caretaker of Grehling Cara and becomes involved in the lives of Chrysallin Leah and her brother Paxon Leah when Grehling brings Chrysallin to her, seeking help.


Early LifeEdit

Leofur never knew who her mother was and grew up with only her father, the sorcerer Arcannen. As a child she had free run of Dark House, her father's compound in the Southland city of Wayford. However, she and her father were never close, and she moved out at a young age. Although Leofur supported herself, Arcannen continued to do favors for her such as giving her a portable flash rip, a prototype military weapon developed by the Federation, so that she could protect herself with it.

One of the jobs Leofur took was to be the caretaker of Grehling Cara, the son of Wayford's airfield manager, after the death of Grehling's mother. She spent four years raising the boy until he was eleven years old, at which point her job ended and she left the family.

Quest to Save ChrysallinEdit

Several years later, when Grehling is fourteen years old, he manages to save Chrysallin Leah from the home of the witch Mischa, who had been torturing Chrysallin under Arcannen's orders. Not knowing where else to turn and afraid of being pursued by the witch, Grehling takes a weakened Chrysallin to Leofur's house.

Leofur takes them in for the night, but her home is broken into by a creature created by Mischa, and the trio flee into the streets of Wayford. Paxon Leah, who had gone to Wayford to rescue his sister, encounters and kills Mischa's creature, and when the witch incapacitates Leofur a traumatized Chrysallin kills Mischa herself using the wishsong. Arcannen flees, but not before killing Paxon's Druid companion Starks using the Stiehl.

Chrysallin is catatonic after using the wishsong, and Paxon and Leofur take her to Paranor. There everyone realizes that Chrysallin has been tortured mentally, brainwashed into thinking that Aphenglow Elessedil is responsible for her torture, all as part of an attempt by Arcannen to manipulate Chrysallin into killing the Ard Rhys.

Leofur then accompanies Paxon back to Wayford, but only after Paxon promises her that his first priority is to find some clues that might help bring Chrysallin out of her traumatized state, and not to avenge Starks' death by killing Arcannen. In Wayford Leofur gains easy access to Dark House, where Arcannen incapacitates Leofur after a short confrontation and begins dueling with Paxon. As the battle progresses, Arcannen realizes he is about to be overpowered and offers to give Paxon a potion that will cure Chrysallin of the effects of her torture if Paxon will let him go. Although deeply conflicted, Paxon realizes that healing is sister is more important than gaining revenge, so he agrees to the exchange.

Paxon, who had been developing feelings for Leofur, is shocked and dismayed by her ability to gain access to Arcannen's heavily guarded home, and he assumes that she must have been his lover. She corrects him by revealing that she is in fact his daughter.

Back in Paranor, Paxon administers the potion to Chrysallin, who comes out of her catatonic state fully healed, not even able to remember what had been done to her.

Leofur, who had been developing feelings for Paxon as well, leaves him at Paranor to give him time to work out his feelings in order to see if there could be something more between them. However, Paxon avoids her for the next few years, immersing himself in his training as the Blade of the Ard Rhys at Paranor. He does visit Wayford once after a long time, going back to her home and knocking on her door, but she is absent on that day and he makes no further effort to see her.

Over five years after Paxon and Leofur saved Chrysallin together, Paxon is emotionally bereft and sickened by all he has seen in his time as the Ard Rhys's Blade. In addition to the betrayal by his friend Sebec and the deaths of Aphenglow and Starks, he had witnessed the death of the Druid Avelene, who had died in his arms after being killed by Arcannen. He had also witnessed Arcannen use Reyn Frosch and Reyn's wishsong to kill Dallen Usurient and all five hundred soldiers of the Red Slash in the Southland city of Sterne.

Paxon requests to Isaturin, the new Ard Rhys, that he be allowed some time away from Paranor. He uses the time to find Reyn alive and well in the Westland village of Backing Fell, using his wishsong to heal people and living with his partner Lariana. While heartened to find Reyn alive, Paxon is disturbed by how broken and dependent on his partner Reyn seems to be after the massacre at Sterne.

However, after leaving Backing Fell Paxon realizes he needs to travel to Wayford and find Leofur. He finds himself outside Leofur's home, and when she opens the door he apologizes to her for having neglected her for so long, and confesses to her that he loves her. She invites him inside to talk so that they can work things out.

Quest to Save Chrysallin AgainEdit

Much later, Arcannen attempts to bring down the Druid Order, and as part of that plan he abducts Chrysallin while Paxon is away. Leofur, who by now is also Paxon's devoted partner, sets out on a perilous quest with the shape-shifter Imric Cort to rescue Chrysallin and bring her back.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Leofur is described as having blonde hair with white streaks, green eyes, and an intense, no-nonsense demeanor and gaze.

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