The Maelmord was a living forest, created by the Mord Wraiths. It was created in order to protect the Ildatch from all who were not Mord Wraiths. It was semi-sentient, and was powerful enough that even Allanon did not feel that he could pass through it.


The Maelmord was created by the Mord Wraiths, in order to protect the Ildatch.

Destruction of the MaelmordEdit

In the Wishsong of Shannara Brin Ohmsford has to use her Wishsong to gain access into the Maelmord. Once inside, she locates the room holding the Ildatch and, with help from her brother Jair, she manages to destroy the evil book. Upon the Ildatch's destruction the Maelmord begins to die and fall apart, eventually being destroyed as well.

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