Matty Roh was a female Human member of the Free-born.


Matty was born as the youngest child of a farming family south of Varfleet. She lost everything when she was six due to a plague, of which she was one of the few survivors. When she was little, she accidentally stepped in some dangerous slime, which burned away most of her toes. After becoming an orphan she was taken in by a kind woman and apprenticed with Hirehone the blacksmith, who also taught her how to wield a sword. When she became an accomplished swordswoman he introduced her to Padishar Creel and she became a member of the freeborn. As such, she was assigned to be the inn-keeper of the Whistledown in Varfleet, where she could gather information for the movement. It was there that she met Morgan Leah and accepted his request for help following him in his adventures, eventually falling in love with him. She played an important part in the final confrontation against Rimmer Dall, after which she left with Morgan Leah, and it is assumed that she eventually marries him.

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