The Meade Gardens are amazing and lavishly beautiful gardens in the heart of Culhaven. They stretch down a rocky hillside in systematic levels tapered at the edges with carefully laid pieces of stone. The whole thing brings to mind a long waterfall cascading down a gentle slope in a series of levels. They are created on a high promontory where it is possible to view the passage of the Silver River for many miles through the Lower Anar on its journey to the Rainbow Lake. There are thousands of flowers in the Garden of more hues of color than are possible to count.

The gardens were created in the time of Raybur, King of the Dwarves, at the conclusion of the Second War of the Races which saw the complete destruction of the Culhaven. Special soils had been brought in from the more fertile regions of the Anar to this formerly barren piece of land. It is these soils along with the tender care that allows the Garden to have so many flowers in bloom year round in the mild climate of the Lower Anar.

During the time that the Federation started to occupy the Dwarven lands and subjugate its people, they burned the gardens to the ground to break the Dwarves spirit. When the elemental Quickening arrived in Culhaven, she proved her powers by restoring the splendor of the gardens.

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