The Race of Man, who live primarily in the Southland, are the primary race of the Shannara novels. Men are descended from some of the lucky humans that did not alter or mutate from the effects of the Great Wars, due to living within the sheltered Southland. The Race of Man was brought out of a tribal and warlike existence by the First Council of Paranor, of which they played an important role in forming. The Druid Council granted the Race of Man sovereign rulership over the Southland. The rebel Druid Brona incited a violent separatist uprising in the Southland, that soon encompassed and united the full might of Man. This army attacked Paranor, but was repulsed and broken by the Druids and the combined might of the other Races. Descendants of Men who opposed this uprising formed the small highland kingdom of Leah (World of Shannara). In the aftermath of the War of the Races, Men were barred from entry into Druid's Keep (First King of Shannara). In the long years after the War, the Race of Man withdrew into the Southland cities to lick their wounds, leaving only fledgling outposts in the Borderlands. They pursued an isolationist policy from the other Races, and soon forgot the true course of events that had led to their separation. The city of Dechtera swelled to become the second greatest industrial centre of the Four Lands. The Borderlands became the frontier for the Southland, and the Kingdom of Callahorn emerged as a superbly defended coalition of the three cities Tyrsis, Kern and Varfleet. The legendary Border Legion withstood many incursions of Gnome and Rock Troll raiders. Callahorn was also a most cosmopolitan land, pursuing the multicultural dream originally intended by the First Council of Paranor. While the Southland refused to offer any aid in the Third War of the Races, it was Callahorn that bore the full brunt of the Northland Army. The Warlock Lord placed a spy within Tyrsis who poisoned King Ruhl Buckannah and manipulated his unstable younger son Palance into disbanding the Border Legion. Callahorn was saved by the return of Crown Prince Balinor Buckannah, and the valor of Prince Menion Leah. Kern fell before the onslaught, but its populace escaped to Tyrsis due to the daring ingenuity of Prince Leah. The siege of Tyrsis was broken only when the Warlock Lord fell before the scion of Shannara, and his commanding Skull Bearers were destroyed. Belatedly, the Southland cities of Dechtera, Stern and Wayford realised the danger that they had narrowly avoided, and united into the Southland Federation. The Federation and Callahorn became drawn inexorably into conflict as Callahorn, after rebuilding Kern, continued to strive for independence, and the Federation to bring the Borderlands back under their control. The Borderlands offered token support to the Elves in the War of the Forbidding and the Dwarves in the War of the Ildatch. Eventually the Federation came to dominate the entire Race of Man, save for the nomadic Rover people. The Federation Council became corrupted by the Shadowen, who used their position to poison the Four Lands and wage war upon the other Races. The Federation waged a brutal war upon the Dwarves using Creepers, and ultimately enslaved their people, intent eventually upon genocide. Most of the Gnome tribes fell in line with Federation decrees. With the return of the Elves to the Four Lands, the Federation declared an all out war upon Arborlon. This assault was broken only when the scions of Shannara overcame the Shadowen at Southwatch, causing the invading army to rout. Callahorn was retaken by the Freeborn rebellion, and Leah was likewise declared independent once again. The Federation built a new city as the capital of their empire, Arishaig; the jewel of the Federation. The Federation continued to remain aggressive to the other Races and within two centuries they fully resumed their assault. When the airship was invented in the Rover coastal cities (World of Shannara), they gained new weapons in the form of mighty flying vessels. Airships were useful in the war waged between the Southland and the Freeborn Alliance, of the Borderlands, the Elves and the Dwarves. Prime Minister Sen Dunsidan was notable for relying upon magical enemies of Paranor to bolster his power. These included the Ilse Witch, the Morgawr and the rebel Druids Iridia Elerri and Shadea A'rhu. Ultimately Dunsidan became a cat's paw for a Demonic warlock named Tael Riverine, who wished to used the Federation army to destroy the Forbidding. This ploy was foiled by the courage of Penderrin Ohmsford of the Shannara line. Severe restrictions were placed upon the Southland following their failed attack upon Arborlon, in particular a deadly new airship weapon utilising laser emitting crystals was absolutely banned and its plans destroyed.

Before the Great WarsEdit

The period before the Great Wars refers to our present time. Our sciences grew to the extent where no one died except from old age, and even then, science was on the verge of conquering that as well. Then, from disputes between little countries, tension grew, and the Great Wars occurred in the early 22nd century. It was a massive war that resulted from nuclear and chemical weaponry; much of the geography was destroyed and nearly all of the human population was wiped out. The survivors hid for a time and eventually evolved into gnomes, dwarves, and trolls, due to the effects of radiation, and the current race of man.

After the Great WarsEdit

After the Great Wars, man inhabited the Southland area. Allanon had told Shea that man was one of the scavengers, grappling with the other races to stay ahead. They were the race that Brona employed in the First War of the Races.

During the Time of AllanonEdit

During the time of Allanon, most men did not involve themselves with the wars of the other races. When Eventine Elessedil sent word for help against the Demons to the Southland, they refused to help.

During the FederationEdit

The Federation was implemented by the race of man, an attempt to control the Four Lands.

Famous MenEdit

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