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Minor Elves in The Sword of Shannara

Breen Elessedil

Breen Elessedil was the younger brother of Eventine, the King of the Elves, and therefore second in line for the throne.[1] He traveled to Arborlon in Eventine's place to mobilize the army and march it to Tyrsis to aid the Bordermen in their fight against the Warlock Lord.[1] Template:-

Dayel and Durin Elessedil

Dayel and Durin Elessedil are brothers, Dayel being the younger,[1] and they are also Eventine Elessedil's cousins.[1] They were part of the original group that joined Shea and Flick on their quest for the Sword of Shannara.[1] They participated in the battle for the Borderlands along with Menion Leah, Balinor Buckhannah, and Hendel.[1] During the last phase of the battle of Tyrsis, Durin stood on the Bridge of Sendic along with Janus Senpre and Menion Leah.[1] After the war, Durin and Dayel eventually returned to Beleal, their home in the Westland.[1] Dayel had also been engaged to a girl named Lynliss when they left with Shea; he was reunited with her after the destruction of the Warlock Lord.[1]

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Jon Lin Sandor

Jon Lin Sandor was a personal advisor to the King, Eventine Elessedil.[1] After rescuing Eventine, Flick Ohmsford left him to find Jon Lin and his patrol,[1] who had been searching for the King. Once they collected Eventine, the small group carried out an attack upon the Warlock Lord's siege machines that were threatening Tyrsis.[1] Template:-

Minor Elves in The Elfstones of Shannara

Aine Elessedil

Aine Elessedil was the youngest son of Eventine Elessedil[2] and the brother of Arion Elessedil and Ander Elessedil.[2] He is discussed only briefly in The Elfstones of Shannara as having died eleven years earlier,[3] as a result of a hunting accident.[2] Prior to his death, however, he had married and had a daughter, Amberle Elessedil.[2] Aine was very close to his brother Arion, but when Aine died, his daughter went instead to Ander for support and comfort; this enraged Arion and began the feud between the two that is still ongoing during the events that occur within The Elfstones of Shannara. Template:-

Arion Elessedil

Arion Elessedil was the crown prince of the Elves. He was his father's oldest[2] and favoriteTemplate:Citation needed son. He was very close to his brother Aine Elessedil, but after Aine died he became angry and bitter towards his younger brother, Ander Elessedil. This bitterness was because Aine's daughter, Amberle Elessedil, turned to him for comfort instead of Arion, resulting in Arion becoming jealous. This hostility towards Ander grew when Amberle fled her home and deserted the Ellcrys, thereby disgracing the entire Elessedil family. Arion voted against Amberle being re-instated as a Chosen, as he refused to let go of his anger towards her initial desertion. When the Elves came under attack by the Ddemons, he was given command of the detachment preparing to defend Worl Run. They were to attempt to stop the demons from flanking the main army at Halys Cut. During the subsequent battle, the Elven standard fell. Arion tried to recover it, but he was killed by the demons during the attempt.[2] He was buried in the land at first light[3] without any markers (such as a headstone) to prevent the Demons from desecrating his grave. Template:-

Ehlron Tay

Ehlron Tay was the second-in-command of the Elven army. After Keal Pindanon died, he assumed his command, though he was still under the overall commander Stee Jans.

Ellenroh Elessedil

Grandmother of Wren Elessedil. She was the queen of Elf on the island of Morrowindl. She decided that elves should be leaving Morrowindl to go back to the land of Men. She declared Wren Elessedil as the queen when her death was near.

Emer Chios

Emer Chios was the first minister of the Elves who took command when Eventine Elessedil fell ill.


Gael was the personal aid to King Eventine Elessedil[2] at the time of The Elfstones of Shannara; he lived in Arborlon. Template:-

Kael Pindanon

Kael Pindanon was the commander of the Elven army until his death at Baen Draw.[2] Stee Jans was selected by Ander Elessedil to assume the position. Template:-


Katsin was one of the Elven Hunters assigned to protect Wil Ohmsford and Amberle Elessedil on their quest to restore the Ellcrys through a rebirth. He died at the hands of the Reaper while he was guarding Wil and Amberle as they slept.[2] Template:-


Kian was another Elven Hunter who was assigned to protect Wil Ohmsford and Amberle Elessedil on their quest to restore the Ellcrys through a rebirth. The Reaper killed him at Drey Wood while he was looking for any signs of life at the outpost.[2] Template:-


Went was the old groundskeeper of Arborlon's royal family at the time of The Elfstones of Shannara. He was complaining about back problems, but refused to let that keep him from his work. He was killed by the Changeling, who took his place for a time to observe the palace. Template:-

The Black Watch

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The Black Watch are the protectors of the Gardens of Life and the magical tree that resides inside, the Ellcrys. (The Ellcrys holds the Demons behind the Forbidding to keep them from escaping into the Four Lands.) They have been a military unit for "centuries".[4][5] Their sworn duty is to protect the Ellcrys, and so there are guards at the gate to the Gardens of Life at all hours. They were mentioned at points of the novel when characters entered or exited the Gardens, and they stood with the remnants of the "forces of good"[6] when the made their last stand at the Gardens. Template:-


Kobold is the Captain of the Black Watch during the War of the Forbidding. He was described as being "tall and immaculately dressed"[7] in the novel. Template:-

The Chosen

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The Chosen are the Elves given the duty of looking after the Ellcrys, the magical tree that holds the Demons behind the Forbidding to keep them from escaping into the Four Lands. When the Ellcrys began to die and the Forbidding weakened enough to allow three of the most powerful Demons to escape their prison, the Chosen were quickly murdered by the Reaper to stop them from planting the seeds for a new Ellcrys. They happened to miss Amberle Elessedil, however, as she had left the city awhile ago after a dispute with the Ellcrys, but was still technically a Chosen. Template:-


Lauren was a member of the Chosen; he was the first to notice the wilt on the Ellcrys. He was also the first Chosen that the Ellcrys spoke to[2] when she attempted to warn them of her imminent death. He was killed, along with five of the six other Chosen (see Amberle Elessedil), in an attempt to prevent any rebirth of the Ellcrys. Template:-

The Home Guard

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The Home Guard are "the King's personal corps of Elven Hunters"[8] given the duty to protect the King of the Elves and his family from any dangers, whether they are in the Elven palace, out on a trip, or on the battlefield. Template:-


Crispin was the Captain of the Home Guard at the time of the events chronicled in The Elfstones of Shannara.[2] He was sent by Ander Elessedil to accompany Wil Ohmsford and Amberle Elessedil on their quest to find the Bloodfire and reincarnate the dying Ellcrys. He also selected half a dozen Elven Hunters to go along with them. He was the leader of the expedition until he was killed by the Reaper in the Pykon—he attacked the Reaper on a narrow catwalk that bridged a gorge to give Wil and Amberle time to knock out the last two pins holding the bridge in place.[2] After loosing all of his arrows, he moved forward and attacked with his sword; he was thrown from that catwalk a short time later by the Reaper[2] after Wil removed one of the two remaining pins and the "bridge buckled slightly, [throwing Crispin] off balance."[10] Immediately thereafter, a gust of wind caught the bridge and snapped the last pin itself, saving Wil and Amberle.

However, Crispin must have known that he was going to die regardless—he wasn't going to beat the Reaper, and if Wil had managed to remove the last pin in time, Crispin would have fallen to his death without the Reaper's help.Template:Citation needed Template:-


Dardan was one of King Eventine Elessedil's personal guards at the time of The Elfstones of Shannara.[2] He was killed by the Changeling when he drove a lance through his heart.[2] Template:-


Kerrin was the Captain of the Home Guard in Crispin's absence.[2] When he led an Elven counterattack to attempt to take the sixth gate back, he died at the hands of Furies, who were jumping from the walls into the midst of the counterattack. Template:-

Minor Elves in the First King of Shannara

Arn Banda

Arn Banda was the commander of the Elven archers during the battle against the Warlock Lord in the Valley of Rhenn.[11] He was found dead up on the heights above the valley after the battle concluded.[11] Template:-

Alyten Ballindarroch

Alyten Ballindarroch was the son of Courtann Ballindarroch. He survived the assassination of the royal family only because he was away on a hunting trip at the time.[11] Being Courtann's only remaining son, he immediately became King upon his death. His first act as King was to declare that he was going to hunt down his father's killers personally. This action led to Alyten's death, as the Warlock Lord set a trap for him and his companions, slaying almost all of them, including Alyten.[11] His death, however, opened the door for Jerle Shannara to become King. Template:-

Courtann Ballindarroch

Courtann Ballindarroch was the King of the Elves at the beginning of the First King of Shannara.[11] He gave permission to Tay Trefenwyd to gather a group to try to find the Black Elfstone shortly before he and almost every member of his family were slain by a group of Gnome assassins.[11] Template:-

Cormorant Etrurian

Cormorant Etrurian had joint command over the Elven foot soldiers with Rustin Apt during the battle against the Warlock Lord in the Vally of Rhenn.[11] As a result of injuries he sustained, he was forced to have his arm amputated after the battle.[11] Template:-

Preia Starle

Preia Starle was the first of two Elven trackers that went in search of the Black Elfstone with Jerle Shannara, Tay Trefenwyd and company. After the Elfstone was found, she managed to make it back to Arborlon after Tay Trefenwyd's sacrifice to save the remaining companions.[11] She became the Queen of the Elves after Jerle became King and she married him.[11] She fought in the battle against the Warlock Lord and managed to stay alive; Jerle and she had three children (all girls) along with the two Ballindarroch grandchildren that had managed to survive the massacre of the royal family.[11] Template:-

Kier Joplin

Kier Joplin was the overall commander of the Elven cavalry in First King of Shannara.[11] Template:-

Retten Kipp

Retten Kipp was the second Elven tracker with the company that went in search of the Black Elfstone. Kipp was a veteran Tracker that had served with the Home Guard for "better than 30 years."[12] Along the journey, he was captured by Gnomes.[11] They attempted to use him as bait to draw the rest of the company into a rescue attempt that would certainly fail,[11] but Tay Trefenwyd recognized this and instead used his Druid powers to "gently"[11] take away Retten's life. Template:-

Rustin Apt

Rustin Apt was the second of two joint commanders that were commanding the Elven foot soldiers at the battle against the Warlock Lord in the Valley of Rhenn.[11] He was often referred to by Brooks in the novel as "the grizzled Rustin Apt". Template:Citation needed Apt was slain during the battle, and his body was found at the mouth of the valley.[11] Template:-

Minor Elves in The Wishsong of Shannara

Edain Elessedil

Edain Elessedil was the son of Ander Elessedil.[13] Edain was the prince of the Elves when the Eastland is threatened by the Mord Wraiths.[13] Ander decided to send his son and a company of Elven Hunters as a token force to help the Dwarves while the Elves mobilized. Impulsive, young, and eager,Template:Citation needed Edain jumped at the chance to travel with Jair Ohmsford, Garet Jax, Slanter, Elb Foraker, and Helt on the journey to heal the Silver River.[13] Despite the protests of his Home Guard soldiers, he traveled with the company as the only Elf (leaving them behind).

Edain proved a source of much needed good humor and positivity along the journey.Template:Citation needed Despite suffering injuries time and again, the prince managed to persevere. During the final battle to get to Heaven's Well, his leg was shattered by a Gnome mace. Elb Foraker, also badly wounded, stayed beside the wounded prince to help stall the pursuing Gnomes.[13] Template:-

Minor Elves in The Heritage of Shannara


Triss is a fictional character from The Heritage of Shannara by Terry Brooks.


Triss was head of the Home Guard during the times of The Heritage of Shannara and accompanied both Ellenroh and Wren Elessedil as they tried to take the Elven nation with them back to the Four Lands inside of the Loden Elfstone. He became Wren's fierce protector after the death of Garth, taking care of her and supporting her before the elven High Council who's members were initially distrustful of their new Queen.



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