This article is about minor characters from the Race of Man that appear in one or more of Terry Brooks' Shannara novels.

First King of ShannaraEdit

Urprox Screl Edit

Urprox Screl lived in Dechtera and was known as the best blacksmith from the Race of Man. He had given up this craft, turning instead to woodcarving, but during the Second War of the Races he was visited by Bremen, Kinson Ravenlock, and Mareth. After a few days, the three convinced Screl to use his furnace to forge, with Bremen's help, the Sword of Shannara using the Eilt Druin and a formula from Cogline.

Afterwards, he went north to the Callahorn and was never heard from again. One man said that he met him but he was now using the name Creel. It is believed that he is the ancestor of both Panamon Creel, who went into the Skull Kingdom with Shea Ohmsford to kill the Warlock Lord, as well as Padishar Creel, who was the leader of the Free-born during the time of the Shadowen. As Par Ohmsford married Padishar's daughter Damson Rhee, Urprox Screl is also presumably an ancestor of Grianne, Bek, and Pen Ohmsford.

The Sword of ShannaraEdit

Acton Edit

Acton was the cavalry commander of the Border Legion. He was locked up by Palance Buckhannah for protesting the disbandment of the Legion; later he was freed by Balinor Buckhannah in time to help with the defense of Tyrsis. He died at dusk when a stray Gnome arrow caught him in the throat.

Menion Leah Edit

Menion Leah was born the crown prince of the small highland kingdom of Leah. He was an extremely lazy youth, having absolutely no interest in the responsibility of ruling that he would one day inherit. Menion was close friends with Shea Ohmsford, although his brother, Flick, couldn't stand the Prince of Leah.

Nevertheless, as Shea noted, Menion had a strong sense of morality. When Shea and Flick came to him for help when they were chased from the Vale by Skull Bearers, Menion felt honor bound to become their guide and protector. He never relinquished this role. Like Flick, Menion felt somehow responsible when Shea appeared to have fallen to his death; both blamed themselves for letting their friend/brother down. Finding Shea became their drive through the remainder of the story, in the hope that he may have survived his plunge into the Rabb River. Menion's sense of honor also manifested itself earlier in the Eastland, as well as his sense of humor. The only way to escape the multitude of Gnomes trapping them in the Jannison Pass, Menion had to create a distraction so they could escape. The safest way to do this, they agreed upon, was killing a Gnome chieftain, which would cause disorder among the tribal people. However, Menion refused to kill a man whose back was turned; doing so in the heat of battle was one thing, but he could not live with murder. Instead, Menion fired an arrow straight to the chieftain's rear end.

Later on, as he was searching for Shea, he rescued a young woman who was kidnapped by Stenmin. Despite his previous claim that he had no need for love, he fell for the woman, Shirl Ravenlock, who was revealed to be royalty and Palance Buckhannah's object of desire. The two succeeded in saving her people from the advancing Northland army by evacuating the island's inhabitants down the Mermidon River to the temporary safety of Tyrsis, the capital of Callahorn. Menion fought valiantly in the ensuing battle for Tyrsis, a losing battle that he was prepared to die in, and surely would have if Shea did not destroy the Warlock Lord in time. After the war, Menion married Shirl. Battle having forced him to mature, Menion became the greatest ruler in the history of Leah. His great-grandson Rone Leah would later accompany Brin Ohmsford and Allanon in the battle against the Mord Wraiths in The Wishsong of Shannara, and hundreds of years later, his descendant, Morgan Leah, embarked on a quest to destroy the Shadowen. Morgan also traveled with Walker Boh to try and find the Black Elfstone.

Messaline Edit

Messaline was a commander in the Border Legion. He was locked up in the dungeons by Palance Buckhannah after attempting to protest the Legion's sudden disbandment. Freed by Balinor Buckhannah after he was sprung from prison, he was one of four major commanders of the quickly reformed Legion; he was also the only one of the four to survive.

Palance Buckhannah Edit

Palance Buckhannah is the brother of Balinor and son of Ruhl, who is the King of Callahorn, a region in the Southland.

While his brother Balinor Buckhannah was away on the quest to find the Sword of Shannara, Palance assumed control of the throne when his father took ill. When Balinor returned, Palance, under the "guidance" of his advisor Stenmin, had his brother imprisoned along with his friends to ensure that the 'puppet' king stayed in charge. Palance took this action as a result of his mind being broken; Stenmin had systematically fed him a poison that slowly made him go insane. When its full hold took effect, Palance would listen only to Stenmin—and he was planning to betray Tyrsis to the Warlock Lord. However, Balinor and his companions escaped their dungeon and confronted Palance and Stenmin, but the advisor assassinated Palance and subsequently fled. He returned later in a failed attempt to lead troops through a secret tunnel into the palace, but this attempt to invade the "back door" of Tyrsis failed after Menion and Hendel attacked and closed the entrance; Stenmin was killed after he was spotted by Menion.

Panamon Creel Edit

Panamon Creel's early life is shrouded in mystery, other than the fact that he is a Southlander. Sometime in his early life, he lost his left hand, and replaced it with an iron pike. Dressed in an outlandish red outfit, Panamon became a thief, and along the way made friends with a Rock Troll named Keltset. Panamon is known for his quick tongue, always making up wild stories about his past.

Panamon entered the Third War of the Races after encountering Shea Ohmsford, whom he rescued from a patrol of Gnomes. However, Panamon also stole from the Gnomes the Elfstones belonging to Shea, and the Valeman was desperate to get them back. As such, he persuaded Panamon to take him to the borders of Paranor, so he could meet up with his friends.

Along the way, Panamon came upon a battlefield littered with the bodies of Elves and Gnomes, where Panamon found the war standard of Eventine Elessedil. Before they could act on this, the group was confronted by one of the Skull Bearers of the Warlock Lord. Panamon and Keltset fought the beast, but only managed to defeat it after Panamon gave Shea the Elfstones.

Shortly after, the group came upon Orl Fane, an insane Gnome who secretly possessed the Sword of Shannara. Panamon saw through the Gnome's deceptions, and had him tied up and brought along to find the Sword. Fane managed to escape, and Panamon led the group north after him in rage. Along the way, they encountered a group of Trolls, and Keltset's origins were revealed. Determined to help his giant friend and Shea, Panamon accompanied them to Skull Mountain.

Inside the Mountain, Panamon and Keltset tried in vain to defend Shea from the Warlock Lord. However, they were thrown aside while Shea destroyed Brona. In fleeing the collapsing mountain, Keltset perished, and Panamon drove Shea on. Panamon, with a broken limb, stayed to face a pursuing Muten. Some time after the whole incident, Panamon appeared alive and well in Shady Vale, carrying the Elfstones that Shea had lost in his flight.

Panamon's role in the history of the Four Lands ended there, but his family's continued on. Unknown to Panamon, he is the descendant of Urprox Screl, who was the finest smith in the Southland and the man who forged the Sword of Shannara, then changed his last name to Creel. Over 300 years later, Panamon's descendant Padishar Creel would participate in the war against the Federation and the Shadowen.

Ruhl Buckhannah Edit

Ruhl Buckhannah was the king of Callahorn and the father of Balinor and Palance. He is locked in a tower by Stenmin for the entire novel and he eventually dies of poisoning.

Sheelon Edit

Sheelon was a captain in the Border Legion. He was locked up by Palance Buckhannah after he was seen with Balinor. He was released immediately upon Balinor becoming King, and participated in the battle for Tyrsis. He was slain by traitors while guarding the main gatehouse.

Stenmin Edit

Stenmin is the advisor to the current ruler of the city of Tyrsis, Prince Palance Buckhannah. In an attempt to gain power, he is poisoning Palance's mind and body by feeding him drugs. He is also responsible for the illness of the king, Ruhl Buckhannah. Stenmin encourages Palance to imprison his brother Balinor Buckhannah and his companions upon their arrival in Tyrsis.

Stenmin attempts to kidnap Shirl Ravenlock and stab Menion Leah in different parts of the book. He manages to kill Palance when it is proven that he is a traitor, but he then immediately hides somewhere in the fortress. Stenmin is eventually caught and slain by Menion Leah just before he is able to betray Tyrsis to his "master," the Warlock Lord.

The Heritage of ShannaraEdit

Damson Rhee Edit

Damson Rhee is a street magician, skilled in the arts of sleight of hand and illusion. She is also (secretly) the daughter of Free-born leader Padishar Creel, and thus a descendant of the legendary Panamon Creel. She lost all her family except her father to a fire after her father was betrayed while selling weapons to the Free-born. To protect her from danger, Padishar concocted numerous stories about her origin.

Damson first appeared when Par Ohmsford and his companions came to Tyrsis to find the Sword of Shannara. Damson was briefly suspected by Par to be a traitor, but proved herself trustworthy. After Padishar and Morgan Leah disappeared, she sheltered Par and Coll Ohmsford in the city. She also helped them slip back into the pit with help from the Mole, whom Damson had met some years earlier. When Par emerged with the Sword, convinced that he had killed his own brother, Damson and he hid out in Tyrsis.

Damson was later abducted by the Federation, but saved by Padishar and Par, at the cost of Padishar's imprisonment. Fleeing the city, Damson and Par discovered the reappearance of Paranor. But before they could get a closer look, they ran into a horribly transformed Coll. Leaving Par to pursue his brother, Damson went to get help for Padishar. With the aid of Morgan Leah and several Free-born, they freed Padishar.

Damson, Morgan, and Free-born member Matty Roh teamed up to locate Par. Damson had given Par half of a street magic medallion, which she could locate with the other half. However, sometime later, they detected two readings, which should not be possible. Damson and Matty set off for the stronger one, and found it to be Coll Ohmsford, who had stolen Par's medallion half.

Reuniting with Morgan and the recently arrived Walker Boh, Damson went into Southwatch to save Par. When Par was consumed by the wishsong's power, it was his growing love for Damson that freed him long enough for him to be saved. Damson then accompanied her allies into the depths of Southwatch, where the Shadowen were finally defeated.

After the Shadowen conflict, Damson married Par Ohmsford. According to Par's plans, they most likely set up an inn in Varfleet or one of the other border cities. Years later, the mixed Ohmsford-Creel bloodlines would produce the next champion of the house of Shannara: Bek Ohmsford.

Garth Edit

Garth is a deaf, mute Rover who was responsible for the training of Wren Elessedil; he was her constant companion and mentor. He taught her everything she knew about fighting, tracking, and other such skills. Garth knew the secrets of Wren's past, but never divulged them to her until the end.

Garth accompanied Wren of the journey to the Hadeshorn to meet Allanon, who gave Wren the charge of seeking out the Elves. Garth stayed with Wren the whole time, despite a dangerous battle with a Shadowen. Garth also helped Wren on Morrowindl, where he fought multiple battles to protect her and the Elven people.

Garth met his end during a confrontation with the Wisteron, the most powerful Shadowen on Morrowindl. Its venom entered his system, threatening to make Garth a Shadowen as well. Unwilling to become a monster, Garth asked Wren to help him end his life. Despite her protests, Wren complied, and Garth passed on. It is unknown if he had any relations, and it is therefore impossible to know if his bloodline survived.

Morgan Leah Edit

Morgan Leah is the descendant of Rone Leah, and as such carries the magical Sword of Leah; he is most likely related to Walker Boh as well, as the short story "Indomitable" names Rone Leah as Brin's husband.

In truth, Morgan is not really a prince. When the Federation took over Leah, the monarchy collapsed. Unwilling to let the occupation of his homeland go unavenged, Morgan tormented the officials ruling Leah with practical jokes, possibly including the destruction of the Leah ancestral palace. Morgan also made friends with members of the Dwarf Resistance, and helped them whenever he could. Like the Leahs before him, Morgan was also a friend to the Ohmsford family, his generation being Par Ohmsford, Coll Ohmsford, Walker Boh, and Wren Elessedil.

Morgan met up with Par and Coll while they were on their way to the Hadeshorn and took them east to find Walker Boh. Along the way, Morgan rediscovered the magic of the Sword of Leah and slowly developed the yearning for it that his ancestor Rone had possessed. After Par received his charge from Allanon, Morgan accompanied him and suggested gaining the aid of Padishar Creel. Morgan also accompanied the brothers to Tyrsis, where the Sword of Leah's blade was shattered while escaping from a group of Shadowen. Morgan accompanied Padishar for a time, then set out to find the Ohmsford brothers.

Along the way, Morgan once again crossed paths with Walker Boh, this time joining him, the assassin Pe Ell, and the elemental Quickening in a quest to recover the Black Elfstone. During the journey, Morgan and Quickening fell in love, and her death at the hands of Pe Ell was hard on him. However, as a parting gift, Quickening restored the broken Sword of Leah.

Morgan resumed his quest to find the Ohmsford brothers, meeting up with the Free-born fighter Matty Roh, whom he began to grow close to. He later rescued Wren Elessedil from the Shadowen, and accompanied Walker, Coll, Par, Damson Rhee, Rumor the moor cat, and Matty into the depths of Southwatch to destroy the Shadowen. Afterwards, Morgan joined the Dwarf Resistance and helped repel the Federation from the Eastland, and married Matty Roh. 130 years later, his great-great-grandson Quentin Leah would accompany Walker on a quest to the land of Parkasia.

Padishar Creel Edit

Padishar Creel, the several generations removed grandson of Panamon Creel, is the leader of the Free-born rebellion against the Federation in the time of the Shadowen. Like his ancestor, Padishar makes up multiple stories about his past, during most of which he makes his family out to be land owners with the title of 'Baron Creel'. In reality, he was a smith who provided weapons to the Free-born, and lost all of his family except his daughter in a Federation-caused fire. After that, he joined the Free-born, uniting most of them under the banner of the hawk.

Padishar's family history came back to haunt him when he met Par Ohmsford. The two joined forces, planning to recover the Sword of Shannara. However, after several mishaps in Tyrsis, Padishar and Morgan Leah became separated from the rest of the group. Making their way back to the Free-born headquarters in the Jut, they battled the Federation. Padishar then set out for Tyrsis once more.

Padishar found Par, who had been in the care of his secret daughter, Damson Rhee. When Damson was captured by the Federation, Padishar and Par attempted to rescue her. In the process, Padishar was also captured. However, he was shortly freed thanks to the efforts of Damson, Morgan, and a number of Free-born.

Padishar then led the Free-born in battle alongside the Elves. After the Federation defeat, he organized a revolt that toppled Federation authority in Callahorn. When Damson married Par Ohmsford, the Creel and Ohmsford lines mingled, and in 130 years would produce Bek Ohmsford.


Bek Ohmsford Edit

Bek Ohmsford is a fictional character from The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and the High Druid of Shannara series by Terry Brooks.

Biography Edit

Bek's past is filled with tragedy. When he was two, his parents and home were destroyed and his older sister, Grianne Ohmsford, was kidnapped by the Morgawr shortly after hiding him. Saved by the shape-shifter Truls Rohk, Bek was taken to the Druid Walker Boh, a distant relative who in turn took Bek to live with the Leah family. Walker concealed Bek's heritage, claiming that he was the child of a distant relative of the Highlanders. And so, from that point until his late teens, Bek Ohmsford was Bek Rowe. He became good friends with his "cousin" Quentin Leah, and the two were hunting together when they were approached by Walker.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara Edit

Walker wanted to bring Quentin and Bek along on his voyage to the land of Parkasia. He wanted Quentin to wield the magical Sword of Leah, and Bek to act as a cabin boy and more, though he did not say so. He first sent them to deliver a message to Truls Rohk, who agreed to accompany them. Along the way, however, Bek was met by the King of the Silver River, who gave Bek warning of his future and presented him with a magical phoenix stone. Upon reaching Arborlon, Bek met and was instructed by Captain Redden Alt Mer, who taught Bek about airships. Bek also met Mer's sister, Rue Meridian, and became attached to her instantly.

As the journey progressed, Bek became dissatisfied with his role. He did not seem to have any importance in the expedition: he was never allowed off the ship, and Walker would reveal nothing of his mysterious past. This state grew after Walker communicated with Bek, and yet no one else, when he was in danger. It was only when Truls Rohk enlisted his help on the island of Mephitic, and he first learned rudimentary use of the wishsong, that Walker finally agreed to talk.

He revealed Bek's origins, his sister's existence, and one of the reasons he had been brought aboard: to wield the Sword of Shannara so they could bypass the obstacle of the Squirm. Having done so, Bek accompanied the others into Parkasia. He ran into Grianne, who captured him and took him aboard her airship. However, he was freed by Truls Rohk, and the two set about evading the menaces of Parkasia. They witnessed Walker's death, and vowed to protect Grianne from harm.

When Truls Rohk was mortally wounded, Bek gave permission to a nearby shapeshifter community to destroy his human half, freeing him of the burden and saving his life. Afterwards, he reunited with the rest of the company, and he and Rue Meridian admitted their love for each other. Bek participated in the final battles of the voyage, and even helped Grianne to overcome the evil of the Morgawr. Returning to the Four Lands, he and Rue left Grianne to her duty as High Druid of the Third Council.

High Druid of Shannara Edit

Twenty years later, Bek's life was greatly changed. He and Rue were married, he was in the business of airships, his relationship with his sister was strained, and he had a son named Pen Ohmsford. Bek and his wife were away when Tagwen came, and then were brought to Paranor by the Druids. Bek vainly tried to oppose the treacherous Druids, but was imprisoned. Working together with allies of his sister, Trefen Morys and Bellizen, Bek was able to hep Pen bring her home and defeat the renegade Druids.

Quentin Leah Edit

Quentin Leah is a descendant of Morgan Leah and also wields the magical Sword of Leah. He claims as his cousin Bek Ohmsford, who grew up with him in the Highlands. The two did many things together, talking of adventures in faraway places. Their chance to live that dream came in the form of Walker Boh, who recruited them for his expedition to Parkasia. Glad to be a part of it, Quentin and his cousin traveled to deliver a message to Walker's associate, Truls Rohk.

On the journey, Quentin used the magic of his Sword many times against threats to the company. However, his confidence in the Sword failed after he was forced to destroy a wronk made from the Elf captain Ard Patrinell. Tired of fighting, Quentin simply wanted to return home. Over the remainder of the journey, Quentin was severely injured. He never fully recovered from his wounds and died eighteen years after his return to the Four Lands; it is unknown whether he left behind any children to continue his line and wield the Sword of Leah.

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