Miriya is a character in The Sorcerer's Daughter. She is a warrior Druid and part of the Druid peace delegation that accompanied the Ard Rhys Isaturin on an ill-fated trip to meet and negotiate with the Federation in Arishaig.


Miriya's romantic relationship with the seer and fellow Druid Karlin Ryl makes her the first Shannara character, along with Karlin, to be in a same-gender relationship.

When the Federation peace delegation is attacked and killed by a Sleath, Miriya and Isaturin use their magic to defend the Druids but the Sleath is able to penetrate their shields easily. In all the commotion Paxon Leah, the Blade of the Ard Rhys, is unable to get close enough to the beast to confront it with the Sword of Leah. It is only through Karlin's attempts to communicate with the monster that it ends up vanishing, breaking into pieces and seemingly passing through Karlin's body as it disappears.

The fact that the Sleath did not kill any Druids and the way the creature responded to Karlin's magic and passed through her as it vanished convinces the Commander of the Federation's Ministerial Watch, Fero Darz, that the Druids are responsible for the Sleath and its slaughter. He attempts to stop the Druid delegation from leaving, but their magic prevents him from doing so.

Miriya joins Paxon in taking the lead as the Druids attempt to escape from Arishaig. After the Druids flee the city in a stolen airship, the ship crashes in a storm south of the Battlemound Lowlands. Miriya and Paxon again take the lead in trying to get the Druids out of the Southland and back home to Paranor.

As the surviving Druids continue their escape on foot over the flatlands, Miriya confides in Paxon and tells him that Karlin is behaving strangely, avoiding Miriya and refusing to speak. Paxon attempts to speak to Karlin himself but also gets nowhere.

Paxon leads the surviving Druids towards the Lower Anar, hoping to get the party to Culhaven where they will be able to find transport back to Paranor. When they are almost to the Anar, Karlin falls into a trance, caught in the thrall of a vision. Although she struggles to speak, she manages to proclaim that the airship has crashed and that everyone has died. Paxon initially thinks Karlin is referring to their own crash, but she clarifies and says that the entire company of soldiers aboard the large Federation cruiser that had been pursuing them had been wiped out in a crash. On the heels of this stunning announcement, Karlin turns to Paxon and begs him for his help.

As the party makes their way to the Anar, a large wall of mist and an impassable stand of odd-looking, moving trees appears. Wary of the danger ahead but realizing the need to find transport as soon as possible, the party presses on through the trees.

While passing through the trees, the old Druid Consloe slips and makes contact with one of them, awakening the trees and causing them to lash out with countless grasping tentacles and roots. Consloe is captured almost immediately and dragged below ground by the roots. Paxon, Isaturin, and Miriya are quickly surrounded on all sides by the trees' attacks which separate them from Karlin, Fero Darz, and the remainder of the Druid Guard.

Suddenly Karlin screams and the Sleath reappears out of her body. It rushes at the trees, doing enough damage that the trees eventually have to direct all their attention to subduing the Sleath and the party are able to make a break for it. The trees manage to kill the monster, but the party is safely away by the time they've done so.

Karlin, who had collapsed after the Sleath left her body, ends up dying quickly, leaving Miriya distraught. Isaturin says nothing in condolences to Miriya, and when pressed to do so by Paxon, he outright refuses. Miriya vows to avenge Karlin's death by finding and killing Arcannen, and Paxon agrees to help her.

Unwilling to face the prospect of more of the monstrous trees, the party changes course and heads into the Wolfsktaag Mountains to get to the Anar. Deep in the mountains, a dragon emerges and kills the remainder of the Druid Guard as the party is attempting to cross a ledge connecting one cliff edge to another in order to get down the other side of the mountain. Paxon draws the Sword of Leah and the sudden light from the blade blinds the monster, causing it to lose its footing. It slams into Miriya and Paxon and takes them with it as it falls off the ledge. Left alone with Fero Darz, Isaturin grabs the Commander and throws him off the ledge before making his way off the mountain by himself.

Miriya and Paxon's fall is broken by a tree growing on the side of the cliff, and Paxon witnesses Fero Darz falling to his death. Paxon wakes Miriya and slowly they climb up back to the ledge, making their way across and down the mountain. They walk all night and morning and are found at the edge of the forest by a kind Dwarf named Trond Ulkend, who takes them back to his village where they are given time to recover and a small airship to take them back to Paranor. They inquire after Isaturin, but no news of the Ard Rhys has reaches the Dwarves.

On their way back Paxon realizes how strange it is that Fero Darz fell off the mountain after the threat of the dragon had passed, and how no one had seen Isaturin despite him being the only one to not fall off the ledge. He also calls to mind Isaturin's callousness after Karlin's death, and how odd it was that the Ard Rhys had seemed content to let Paxon take the lead in bring the Druids home to Paranor safely.

Paxon voices his suspicions to Miriya, adding that whoever was controlling the Sleath had to have been present at the time of its attacks, and that Arcannen had once disguised himself as Isaturin in an attempt to bring blame down the Druids when he had killed the Federation Minister of Security Against Magic, Fashton Caeil. Miriya and Paxon realize that Isaturin must be captured or dead, that Arcannen must have been posing as Isaturin since at least the time of the Sleath's first appearance, and that the sorcerer was probably headed to Paranor posing as the Ard Rhys.

Miriya and Paxon arrive at Paranor to find it surrounded by Federation warships, looking for answers to the deaths of their peace delegation. They land on the outskirts of Paranor and are immediately pursued by Federation troops. Miriya manages to find one of the secret underground passages into Paranor and they make it inside the Druid's Keep safely. Inside, they run into Oost Mondara, who tells them that Isaturin had returned, that Chrysallin had gone missing the day the Federation's peace delegation was murder, and that Leofur had left Paranor with the manager of the stables in search of Chrysallin.

Paxon is distraught at Chrysallin and Leofur's disappearances but forces himself to focus on the task at hand. He and Miriya explain their suspicions to Oost and the three head to the chamber where the Druids' most important artifacts of magic are kept, which is where Oost was headed in search of Isaturin before he ran into Miriya and Paxon. There in the chambers they find the body of Keratrix, the Ard Rhys's personal assistant. His neck had been broken and it was clear that parts of the chamber had been raided.

Miriya, Paxon, and Oost race to where the Druid airships are kept to find Arcannen, still in the form of Isaturin, boarding one of the ships. Upon seeing Paxon and Miriya, the false Ard Rhys halts their advance with a wall of magic fire and flees in the ship. Paxon and Miriya follow closely after him, with Miriya using her magic to keep track of the sorcerer. The pair tracks Arcannen all the way to the ruins of Kern, where Arcannen sets down his airship and makes his stand.

Miriya and Paxon hunt for Arcannen within the ruins, barely avoiding traps and always several steps behind the sorcerer as they hunt cautiously. They realize that continuing on without changing tactics would cause them to eventually lose Arcannen, so they decide that one of them should rush into battle against the sorcerer and the other one should try to come around the sorcerer from behind while he is engaged.

Miriya rushes in and attacks the sorcerer, but Arcannen puts up a magical wall which separates Paxon from Miriya and delays him just long enough that he is unable to help her. Arcannen kills Miriya and throws her into a pit, and as he flees Paxon chases after him up a flight of stairs and injures himself when the stairway collapses and Arcannen hits him with his magic while Paxon is stunned and defenseless. Paxon gets up and attacks Arcannen with the Sword of Leah, but because of his injuries and the fact that he is still weak from his journey out of the Southland and into the Anar, he is unable to call on much magic from the sword and Arcannen deflects his attack easily.

Paxon is saved when Miriya, who had not been killed, just badly injured, comes up from behind Arcannen and stabs the sorcerer through the chest with a steel rod. As the sorcerer dies, Paxon cuts off his head. The two recover the Druid artifacts stolen by Arcannen and head back to Paranor, where a Druid delegation presents the Federation warships with Arcannen's head and Miriya and Paxon's explanation of events. Although they are not completely convinced, the Federation forces are appeased enough by the explanation and the gift of Arcannen's head to stand down and leave Paranor.

Chrysallin and Leofur arrive back at Paranor the next day, after Leofur and the stable manager, Imric Cort, successfully rescued Chrysallin from Melis, the Murk Witch. Although Paxon is eager to see Leofur, she refuses almost all visitors for the next few days, only receiving Chrysallin once. She eventually calls Paxon to her, confessing that she and Imric are in love with each other and that she is leaving both Paxon and Paranor. She acknowledges and expresses appreciation for Paxon's love and consideration, but asserts that apart from the time he had come looking for her in Wayford, Paxon had never actually needed her. She adds that because of her mental connection to Imric, by which she is able to prevent Imric from losing himself in his shape-shifting abilities, Imric literally needs her in a way that Paxon never could. Paxon declares he will wait for Leofur to come back, but Leofur tells him not to bother. She leaves Paranor without telling him of her intention to go live with Imric in the Westland.

Paxon is left bereft and in pain over the end of his relationship, and shuts himself away in his room. Miriya, who is still badly injured and who is already rumored to be in consideration for the job of Ard Rhys, makes her way into Paxon's quarters and forces him to eat and talk to her. They drink and grieve over their lost loves, and are still talking the next day when the sun rises.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Miriya is described as having short-cropped blond hair and powerful shoulders. She enjoys working out and it is implied she is fit and athletic, as befits a warrior Druid.

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