A Mist Wraith's appearance generally remains a mystery as those who encounter the creature do not survive, as a rule. What is known about them is that they are green in color and possess numerous tentacles with great power and dexterity. They can sustain much in the way of damage without being harmed at all. They live in the slime filled water on the edges of the Mist Marsh. It is said that they range in size from fifteen to twenty feet in length, and eight to ten feet in height. It appears to have a tearing beak within the center of it's tentacles.

     Menion Leah, Shea and Flick Ohmsford are attacked by a Mist Wraith on their way through the Black Oaks, as they are skirting the edge of the Mist Marshes. Flick is grabbed by a Mist Wraith and the group as a whole is only saved because they have a rope wrapped all three of them. Shea is knocked unconscious early on, while Flick and Menion fight to save themselves and Shea. After Shea comes too, he remembers the Blue Elfstones given to him by Allanon. He is able to use the magic of the Elfstones on the Mist Wraith and destroy the creature.

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